FutexLive – Market Profile Video

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FutexLive – Market Profile Training

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FutexLive – Market Profile Video

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Do you want to learn how to use Market Profile? Then widely regarded as the pre-eminent expert on Market Profile, watch Daniel Goldberg’s Classroom sections on this essential trading technique

FutexLive have been at the forefront of Market and Volume Profiling for many years. For over 10 years they have been teaching it’s virtues and guiding their trainees to successful careers using this tool. At the end of the Market Profile course you will understand how the professionals use this tool.

Now, in a series of videos extracted from one of our In-House courses, you too can learn how to use this tool in your trading techniques. Follow the guide through the basics of Profile to Open and Day types as well as how to interpret it as the day progress.

Also included a step-by-step guide as to how to set up your charts for the perfect reading of a Market Profile (applicable to Sierra Charts Only).

Hours of videos to watch as you immerse yourself in the markets search for balance

Understand Auction Theory and how it should influence your trading decisions

Understand how the Open type effects the day and direction

Understand what Day type we are in and how you should use it to place trades

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