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Then, in January 2015, she launched what has become her primary business: Freedom Junkies, a resource for people who want to veer off the traditional career path and follow their dreams. The site includes Connolly’s e-books, a blog, a Facebook community, and a course on becoming a social media manager who can work from anywhere.

Crushing Facebook Ads

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The fact is figuring out Facebook Ads feels about as complicated as solving algebra, doesn’t it?

And all you want to do is grow your sales, email list, and brand without getting a Ph.D. in Ads to get there.

We know the feelFRUSTRATION…

Your biz deserves all the eyeballs it can get, and that’s probably

why Facebook Ads seemed like a natural fit for helping it grow, right?

But the REALITY didn’t match your EXPECTATIONS.


Popping the champagne

and celebrating your

crazy conversions.


Conversion rates that

made you want to drown

your tears in a bottle of wine.

HERE’S THE TRUTH: Yes, Facebook Ads can be absolutely daunting,

BUT, don’t dump them in the garbage just yet.

With the right tools and guidance, YOU CAN MASTER ADS and create a

sales funnel that will grow your list and feed your bank account while you sleep!

Not convinced?  Maybe that’s because lately you’ve felt like…

·         Every time you hop into the Facebook Ad power editor you FREEZE. All of the tools and gadgets feel SO confusing and downright intimidating.

·         Nailing your ad copy feels like torture! You haven’t got a single clue which words will sell and which words will entice your audience.

·         You tried Facebook Ads before and they didn’t do squat for you, so you’re wary of investing a second time around.

·         Your conversion rates are through the roof, and you’re not sure you can keep this advertisement going when each “Like” or opt-in costs you $3, $4, or $5.

·         Finding customers on Facebook is half the battle, and the truth is, with 2 billion users you haven’t got a clue where to start.

YOU want to MASTER FACEBOOK ADS with EASE and automate your

 business so you can start ENJOYING LIFE NOW!

HERE’S THE THING: Facebook Ads are overwhelming, but they can make your business profitable.

You can raise sales, lower conversion rates, increase income, and scale your business!

Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Wondering where to start?


You’ll start crushing those Facebook Ads when you finally…

·         Zip through setting up your Ads, because you have the right tools and training to launch an amazing ad campaign for your biz.

·         Write powerful and enticing copy that gets new customers excited to opt-in, because you’ve found the right words for the right audience.

·         Confidently invest in a new ad campaign, because you know for certain that THIS time around you’ll see real results!

·         Lower your opt-in conversion rates, so you get a higher return on your investment and get on a fast path to a freedom business and lifestyle.

Crushing FB Ads never sounded so sweet, right?

The good news is with the help of our program you can start crushing them

A step-by-step self-guided program (with personal support) that gives you the powerful tools to create Facebook campaigns that’ll build your 6-figure biz while you sleep!

Hi Freedom Junkies!

We’re Nicole & Michael,

Entrepreneurship called to us 16 years ago, and in the last four, we’ve built a digital business that has grown so fast we now make a multiple 6-figure income — in our sleep!

That’s right, we support our luxury travel lifestyle from a mostly passive income built entirely online.