Frank C.Haddock – Mastery of Self

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Mastery of Self

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This book brings to a close that portion of MASTERY OF SELF, which deals with the art of Success-Magnetism. Acquiring magnetism is a constructive effort. It is a building process. You are rearing a structure. You rise, from the foundation, through successive stories to the culminating peak. The most pleasing, notable structures men build from granite and steel and wood, tower like a Woolworth Building or a Rheims Cathedral—higher and higher, until they finally reach a gold- tipped crown or spire, high in the sunlit sky. And so, in rearing your invisible shrine of personal Success- magnetism, we now come to the topmost peak of the structure. This book gives you the crowning inspirations, tipped and topped with the final “Golden Laws of Magnetism in all Applied Life.” Master these lessons in the magnetism of success, and you will go forth upon the highways and by-ways of life, endowed with a kingly confidence in your ability to win a measure of success achieved by few.

Author: Frank C.Haddock

Frank Channing Haddock was born in Watertown, New York. His parents were the Methodist minister George C. Haddock and Cornelia B. Herrick Haddock. After graduation from Lawrence College, Appleton, WI in 1876, he first undertook training for the Methodist ministry but decided instead upon the field of law, and was admitted to the bar in 1881. He moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he established himself as an attorney. In 1887, after his father was assassinated in Sioux City, Iowa due to his connection to the temperance movement, Frank Haddock returned to the church, and worked as a minister in Iowa, Ohio, and Massachusetts.

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