Frank Buttera – BalanceTrader II – For Advanced Traders


Frank Buttera - BalanceTrader II - For Advanced Traders


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Frank Buttera – BalanceTrader II – For Advanced Traders

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Frank Buttera – Market Profile

Balancetrader is a trading course, a system and a chat room all rolled up into one package. The focus is on teaching a trading methodology based on Auction Market Theory using price and volume profiles to identify high probability day and swing trades in equities index futures.

The essence of Balancetrader is all about achieving quality trading, not quantity. Most traders think that in order to do well in this business, many trades per day need to be taken. The Balancetrader methodology focuses on exactly the opposite of this. By remaining focused, exhibiting patience and exercising discipline, our goal is to identify asymmetric opportunities in order to maximize our return in comparison to risk. To accomplish this, we take less trades and focus on larger moves. By increasing the amount of money earned by raising position size instead of trading more, this allows us to have very realistic and attainable trading goals.

Course Topics

Determine Market Conditions

Different trading techniques perform differently under different market conditions. We want to trade when market conditions are best for our trading strategy. This may seem obvious to you but it is amazing how many traders as well as system vendors do nothing to *** for this in their strategy. One reason that pure technical trading systems fail is that they try to apply static indicators to dynamic markets which are constantly changing. Balancetrader differs by assessing the market as it is changing, and continually establishing new analysis while making trading decisions based on dynamic variables.