Balance Trader – Market Profile Course – Frank Buttera

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Frank Buttera - Balance Trader - Market Profile Course

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The Balance Trader – Market Profile Course was created by Frank Buttera to teach you how to analyze and apply dual auction concepts to any market.

An introduction to the course Balance Trader – Market Profile Course by Frank Buttera: Swing and Day Trading Market Profile education for everyone

Balancetrader is a leading instructional resource for auction market theory and Market Profile. Frank Buttera’s Balance Trader – Market Profile Course explains how to examine and apply dual auction techniques to any market. Most traders fail because they seek a magic indication with which to trade, failing to see that the greatest traders are frequently those who have a more nuanced understanding of what is going on inside the market. It is much simpler to put your money on the line when you understand what is going on throughout the dual auction process.

The essence of Frank Buttera’s Balance Trader – Market Profile Course is to achieve quality trading rather than quantity. Most traders believe that in order to succeed in this profession, they must execute several deals every day. The Balancetrader technique focuses on the inverse of this. Our objective is to uncover asymmetric opportunities while being focused, patient, and disciplined in order to maximize our return in proportion to risk. To do this, we make fewer transactions and concentrate on greater changes. By increasing the amount of money gained by increasing position size rather than trading more, we can set extremely reasonable and attainable trading goals.

The module of Balance Trader – Market Profile Course by Frank Buttera is described as follows: 

  1. Introduction: The fundamentals of how the course is built and what is necessary to get the most out of it..
  2. Cluster Theory I: An overview of applying auction theory to discover balance cycles, support and resistance levels, and trend definition.
  3. Cluster Theory II: Price behavior at important reference levels. Failure rejection, pass-through rejection, and level acceptance are all options.
  4. Cluster Theory III: Significant correlations developed from Cluster Theory will serve as the cornerstone for our most fundamental, high probability trading techniques.
  5. Basic Trade Setups I: The Bread & Butter, Edge, and Double Pass-Through trade setups illustrated over a three day case study, day 1.
  6. Basic Trade Setups II: Continue this topic, day 2.
  7. Basic Trade Setups III: Continue this topic, day 3.
  8. Dropping Timeframes
  9. The Big Picture Timeframe
  10. Globex High and Low
  11. The Initial Balance – Buying and Selling Tails
  12. Institutional Activity

Getting to know the creator of the course Frank Buttera


Frank Buttera started trading when he was 22 years  old. He got a job at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange when he was 21 as a clerk. He clerked in the S&P500 Futures PIT and started trading that very next year. Then Frank started trading commodities futures. He uses seasonal tendencies or seasonal analysis to enter trades. He was more of a position trader at the time and did most of his trades and energies grains and some currencies. At the time this was the late 90s, the NASDAQ was all the craze. He moved to New York and reunited with a friend he had met at the Mercantile Exchange, who mentored Frank how to day trade NASDAQ stocks. He traded through the bull run, the bubble crash and all that stuff. It was a lot of fun and he did very well, but then after the crash the NASDAQ didn’t provide good volatility anymore and it was really tough to make good money.

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