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The Trendline Mastery Video Course from Forexmentor enables you to learn how to use powerful trendline and trend channel methods for trading Forex successfully.

Brief description of Trendline Mastery Video Course by Forexmentor

Trendline Analysis is the most effective and diverse type of Technical Analysis available to traders, yet instructional materials dedicated to thoroughly and thoroughly fleshing out this topic are shockingly sparse. With the Trendline Mastery course, all bases are covered, all practical applications are well discussed, and you will not need to go on an information hunt elsewhere to get answers to any queries you may have. If you put in the time and effort to thoroughly understand the material of the Trendline Mastery Video Course, you will truly become a master of Trendline Analysis.

This Forexmentor course’s purpose is to ensure that you fully understand all of the practical applications for Trendline and Trend Channel analysis, and how those applications can help you make better, smarter, and more profitable trading decisions. Below is what you will learn in this course with the mentorship of Frank Paul and Peter Bain:

  • The reasons why Top-Down Trendline analysis is more effective than any other techniques or methods for the purpose of determining trend bias, and also changes in trend bias. 
  • How to work with and apply the two different commonly accepted methods for drawing trendlines correctly and accurately. 
  • The six different “Basic Applications” for Trendline Analysis: 
    • Establishing a change in high-level trend
    • Confirming a continuation move underway
    • Reading market flow 
    • Anticipating a range breakout 
    • Finding an entry trigger 
    • Monitoring an open position 
  • How to draw and use Trend Channels, including the six different “Basic Applications” of this technique as well: 
    • Monitoring a high-level trend in progress 
    • Confirming a high-level trend reversal 
    • Anticipating overbought/oversold conditions 
    • Monitoring a retracement against the trend 
    • Identifying secondary support/resistance 
    • Establishing take-profit targets 
  • How to use Trendlines and Trend Channels in combination: 
    • The former to establish a high-level trend bias
    • The latter to highlight continuation moves within the Channel on breaks of corrective Trendlines. 
  • How to use horizontal Support/ Resistance lines in combination with diagonal Trendlines for the purpose of catching major trend reversals and breakouts. 
  • How to use Trendlines and Trend Channels in combination with Fibonacci retracement patterns in powerful Uptrend or Downtrend Continuation moves. 

If you’ve ever struggled with how to apply the myriad useful tools, techniques and applications that top-down Trendline and/or Trend Channel analysis has to offer, this Trendline Mastery Video Course by Forexmentor is the learning resource for you. 

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