Forexia – Multi-Fractal Advanced FX Course


Forexia - Multi-Fractal Advanced FX Course


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Restart your trading journey with a new perspective of how the markets function. We explain in detail exactly how to identify specific patterns big banks and institutions create to induce the masses right before taking their huge positions.

Multi-Fractal Advanced FX Course

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About the Product:

The Multi-Fractal Advanced FX Course was designed by Dylan Forexia in order to teach traders how they can start taking advantage of the market and become even more successful in their careers. Many traders, especially traders who are starting, tend to lose their way in the giant world of Forex. They are unable to navigate their way through the market successfully and hence miss out on a lot of opportunities to make money. They let the market control them and manipulate them, and since they do not know any better they are completely oblivious to these facts.

Dylan designed the Multi-Fractal Advanced FX Course specifically to turn the tables around and put the traders back on top. It is designed to teach how traders can manipulate the market and use it their own favor, so they start making profits. The course has extremely detailed explanations as to how Forex dealers can create specific patterns that would leave retail traders in an “emotional state of trauma”. That’s not all, the Multi-Fractal Advanced FX Course also includes valuable price action basics and extremely important concepts designed to read market structure and sentiment.

The course also includes a step by step guide of market manipulation tactics with real-time market data so traders can get an in-depth understanding of how it needs to be done and what all they would need in order to manipulate the market. The course even goes on to provide Entry and Exit strategies that can help traders secure profitable trades with almost zero drawdowns.


Following are the key features of Multi-Fractal Advanced FX Course by Forexia

Important price action basics

Advanced concepts to read market structure and sentiment.

Step by step guide of market manipulation tactics with real-time market data.

Entry and Exit Strategies

8+ Hours of online video classes.