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The digital marketing course First Sale by Friday by Digital Traffic Ace will teach you a complete Facebook strategy to boost your sales to a higher level.

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$225.00 $1,875.00

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Let Jeremy Salem from Digital Traffic Ace teach you how to get your First Sale by Friday 

For those who are interested in starting their business on Monday and making their first sales by Friday without having to deal with customers or have a shop, the First Sale by Friday course is for you. When it comes to advertising, Jeremy Salem, your teacher, will lead you through every step of the process from technical setup to event planning to private email setup to designing and setting up reports and assessing your advertisements’ success. If you’re interested in learning how to utilize the ATM technique (Add, Tag, Message), you may not want to miss the course First Sale by Friday.


The best part of the course First Sale by Friday: The ATM method

The ATM method takes you step by step through the sales funnel. You don’t want to annoy or interact excessively with your Facebook buddies. Allow the discussion to flow naturally with posture and respond with purpose. Make contact, establish a connection, and then steer the discussion toward presenting facts about your profession. Once the consumer has shown an interest in learning more, propose a third-party product rather than promoting your Facebook group. This may be a video or an infographic, or any other sort of material that adds value and educates your audience about your company. After you’ve done this, you can either wait for a response or write a follow-up asking whether they’d want to join the group.


First Sale by Friday course outline

  • Welcome: Introduction
  • Prework
    • Lesson 1: Technical Setup 
    • Lesson 2: Setting up Your Private Email
    • Lesson 3: Event Setup
    • Creating a Simple Logo for Your Facebook Page
  • Day 1: The ATM Method
  • Day 2: From Idea to Implementation: Creating Designs 
  • Day 3: Ad Creation
    • Creating Ads 
    • Setting up Reporting
  • Day 4: Analyzing Ads Performance
  • Bonus
    • The 5×5 Productivity Framework
    • Your Cheatsheet
    • Keeping Your Account Safe
  • Q&A Calls
    • Creating Unique Messages 
    • Campaigns Update
    • Using the Shineon App to Run a Standalone Store 


Learn more about your mentor Jeremy Salem and why he founded Digital Traffic Ace

Digital Traffic Ace Course Snack
Digital Traffic Ace Course Snack

As the CEO of SmartStep Media, a digital marketing firm, Jeremy Salem is also an author, product designer, and online business strategist. On top of all that, he’s a sports fanatic who paces the coffee table and yells obscenities in front of the TV whenever a game is on. As a result, he is well-known for spending $22 for a haircut every three weeks, even though he has been bald since his sophomore year of high school.

Jeremy Salem Course Snack
Jeremy Salem Course Snack

Jeremy Salem started his company in 2011 with modest goals and a narrow understanding of what entrepreneurs, marketers, and small business owners truly wanted and needed to grow their businesses rapidly, and he was only focused on providing businesses with done-for-you marketing campaigns and producing reports that tied it all together. His realization quickly became clear: There was an entire market of people who were interested in learning the same topics that he was teaching. They want to learn how to expand their online enterprises, or how to establish a company on the internet.

Entrepreneurship and marketing tactics are not the only topics that Jeremy Salem focuses on, but he has been able to work with thousands of people to help them achieve their own personal and professional objectives. And now, he’s providing those courses to you through the Digital Traffic Ace sales website.

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