Fibozachi – The Vol.T Volume-Tick Indicator Package

$60.97 $999.00

Fibozachi - The Vol.T Volume-Tick Indicator Package

$60.97 $999.00

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Fibozachi – The Vol.T Volume-Tick Indicator Package

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The only Indicator Package of its kind, Vol.T™ diagnoses volume-trend and tick-pressure to provide trading signals based on buying or selling pressure (rather than just movements in price).
The Vol.T™ Indicator Package contains the most comprehensive and diverse collection of volume-based and tick-based trading indicators available on the commercial market. By approaching volume analysis from every possible angle, the Vol.T™ Indicators let you use volume and tick data more effectively than ever before. Whether you’re a trend-trader or a scalper, Vol.T™ provides volume analysis techniques that are essential for intraday trading.

*** Vol.T™ also Includes Specialized Scanner Versions for EVERY Indicator ***
* Scanners are designed for use with the NinjaTrader Market Analyzer, TradeStation RadarScreen, and MultiCharts Market Scanner

*** BONUS: Also Includes the Dynamic Trailing Stop (DTS) — A $95 Value ***

The Vol.T™ Trigger continuously calculates current and historical “Tick-Pressure” for any symbol that has tick data — showing you exactly when and where buying pressure, selling pressure, and profit-taking occur. This enables you to see turns or shifts the instant that they occur — allowing for earlier trade entries and enhanced risk/reward ratios. By combining the position and slope of the Vol.T Trigger relative to the ZeroLine, you can accurately diagnose the true internals of any instrument that has tick data.

The Vol.T Trigger combines 4 separate calculations to plot one of the smoothest, most accurate Tick-based Indicators available by:

1) Compiling all Tick Data during each bar in real-time, counting Cumulative Ticks, Upticks, and Downticks
2) Analyzing multiple Tick-Ratio and Tick-Spread calculations for the current bar
3) Comparing these values against all Tick-Ratios and Tick-Spreads of the Vol.T Length (amount of bars) to calculate a value for Tick-Pressure
4) Applying a smoothing factor to both the value and slope of the Vol.T Trigger

Gradient Color-Coding

The Gradient Color-Coding option uses a blend of colors to plot the Vol.T Trigger based on it’s position relative to the ZeroLine.
High Values = Green
Low Values = Purple

Slope Color-Coding

The Slope Color-Coding option uses color-codes the Vol.T Trigger based on the direction of it’s slope.
Sloping Up (increasing) = Green
Sloping Down (decreasing) = Purple

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Vol.T Oscillator Indicator
— Synthesizing Volume, Price and Volatility —
Vol.T Oscillator Cover Photo

The Vol.T™ Oscillator combines volume, price, and volatility to measure the overall trend of a trading vehicle. This trend calculation is then smoothed and plotted as a value that oscillates between positive and negative values.
The value plotted on the right axis references a complex volume calculation that is different for each trading vehicle and interval period. Instances of extremely high or low values often show where cumulative buying or selling pressure reaches an unsustainable extreme — typically leading to an immediate reversal.
By combining the color, slope, and position of the Vol.T™ Oscillator relative to the ZeroLine, you can accurately diagnose the true internals of any trading vehicle that has volume data.

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Vol.T PaintBar Indicator
— Color-Coding Your Charts —
Vol.T PaintBar Cover Photo