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This is one of the most best sale page for Business in the world.

Amazon Secrets 3.0

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Amazon Secrets 3.0


I will not say that everyone just has to purchase this FBA course. This Amazon seller training requires a serious investment of both your time and money. What I can say is that I am convinced that this is one of the best, if not the best Amazon FBA course available at this point in time. This amazon seller training has produced many success stories.

Amazon Secrets 3.0 course is an Amazon FBA training well suited for people both that have a lot of time to start their Amazon FBA business and people that only have a few hours per week to spend.

In this FBA course, great tips are provided on how to efficiently use your time, be productive and launch your Amazon FBA successfully.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter where you live, as it shows you how you can sell your Amazon products from anywhere in the world. Important tips are included for international sellers and thus selling from outside the United States.

If you are sure you want to become an Amazon FBA seller, and you have the money, I would definitely consider taking this Amazon FBA course. It will give you the fastest route to success.

But if you are not sure you want to start with Amazon FBA, I wouldn’t advise you to purchase this FBA course and look for a cheaper one and more information first.

Unless you make a serious commitment to become an Amazon FBA seller, you will probably only lose money.

IS THE AMAZON SECRETS 3.0 COURSE WORTH THE MONEY?I think that the real value of this course lies in the fact that it teaches you how to set up a brand with loyal customers that goes beyond the Amazon.com platform and is focussed on the long-term.

There are valuable lessons included that every entrepreneur can benefit from. I have seen very few FBA courses that go in so much depth on how to sell on amazon for beginners and intermediates. So YES, I think that Amazon Secrets 3.0 is worth the money. Moreover, if you follow the provided guidelines you will earn back the course money quickly, and then you can start generating real profit.

COURSE OVERVIEWThe Amazon Secrets 3.0 courses has 10 Modules, I will shortly adress all.

  1. Introduction to the Incredible Opportunity of Amazon.com

You can expect what they say, a general overview and an introduction to the course.

  1. Finding and Validating Your First Amazon FBA idea

This is a crucial step for every FBA course. When you do this wrong it can cost you a lot of money. Fortunately, Benji and Evan take you through a structured and well thought model that they have used themselves to generate 6-7 figure brands. They basically go over:

  • Check if there is sufficient demand for the product.
  • Analyzing the competition.
  • Calculating the profit per sale.
  • Choosing the niche that suits you as a person, which makes it a fun experience.
  • Understanding the customer lifetime value and how important it is for your brand.
  • Potential problems for certain products. This is an important component as this could make the difference between a profitable and losing Amazon FBA product.
  • Some life examples.
  1. Turn Your Winning Idea into a Superior Amazon Product

This module is actually a short marketing course. This is can be overlooked by other courses but is crucial if you want to create a long-term brand. It includes, product packaging and making sure you deliver quality products to your future clients.

The technical flow is discussed as well, which includes for example, how to get and use product barcodes.

I think that this part could be more elaborate as these technical components can be confusing now and then. However, you will get it done with the provided information.

  1. Find A Trusted Supplier to Private Label Your Product Idea

In this module you will find that things are getting serious. You will really start to get an idea of what you are going to sell and what your initial investment will be.

If you have a small budget, no worries! Benji started his first product with a small investment as well. Go through the bonus ‘The Micro-Budget Launch System where he shows you how to get start with little money.

Finding a good and reliable supplier can be hard in the Amazon FBA business. There are many companies that are willing to take your money but cannot provide the quality you are looking for.

Benji and Evan discuss how you can find the most reliable suppliers and how you can approach them and look professional. If you have a normal job or are studying, this module is essential for you.

Evan has set up his Amazon FBA business while he had a normal job. Therefore, this amazon FBA course also provides some valuable tips to increase your productivity in the few hours you have got to launch your product.

  1. Crafting the Perfect Amazon Listing for the Most Possible Sales

Amazon has a system that gets certain products on the first pages. It doesn’t matter how good your product is, when you don’t land on one of the first pages you will sell fewer products.

This module shows you how to optimize your listing and ensure your product is found by the right customers.

  1. Rapidly Launch Your Amazon Product for the Most Possible Sales

This module is all about getting momentum. You will learn how to start selling your first product and how to ensure that your sales will explode.

This amazon seller training also covers how you can maintain a constant flow of sales.

  1. Marathon Marketing to Outpace and Outrank Your Competitors

This is where the experience of these guys come in handy. Benji and Evan provide you with important strategies to make sure you will perform better than your competitors.

I really like that they are focussed on the long-term. It is not their initial goal to get you a couple of hundred dollars today, they help you building a brand that can do well for multiple years.

  1. Send Your FBA Business into Automated Hyperdrive Growth

Does sound making $10K+ with only working a couple of hours per week good to you? If so, this is your most important module of this amazon FBA training.

Valuable tips on how to automate your Amazon FBA business are taught in these lessons. You can of course also use this time to expand your business, but that is up to you.

  1. Your Million Dollar Fastlane

A million dollars is a lot of money, but this course explains how you can launch complementary products that your future customers will be interested in.

The main takeaway is that you don’t want to stop after launching your initial product. This module teaches you how to find additional products that will do well and are the right fit for your brand.

  1. The Fun(damental) Stuff that You Need as an Entrepreneur

This part discusses things you WANT to know as an entrepreneur and are crucial in this FBA course. Things as mind-set, trademarks and taxes will be mentioned. An important module for the ones that want to quit their day job and want to become full-time entrepreneur.

International sellers will also find this a great module as some tips are provided for those living outside the USA. YES, you can sell your FBA product from anywhere in the world.

I think that the extra’s and bonuses in itself are already worth the money. The extra categories will help you to even better understand the process of Amazon FBA and will give you the motivation to take action today.

Extras Included

  1. $10,000 Student Success Case Studies
  2. Interactive Fast-track Coaching Library
  3. Amazon FBA $0-$10K Challenge (Transparent Product Launch)
  4. The Amazon Powerful Product Web Strategy

If you have a small budget, this is your time to pay attention. You will find the Micro-Budget Launch System and other bonuses to get your skills to an advanced level.

Bonuses included

  1. The Micro-Budget Launch System
  2. Competition Hacking Secrets
  3. Automated Customer Funnels
  4. Amazing Backend Keyword Stack (A9 Algorithm)
  5. Instagram Marketing: A Step-By-Step To Your First 10,000 Followers

OTHER IMPORTANT NOTES Next to that, these guys are simply good teachers. In this FBA training, Both Benji end Evan know how to clearly explain concepts, which makes it effortless going through all that material with them.

They are genuinely funny and want to deliver value to their students. This makes the Amazon FBA course easy and fun to watch.Another important aspect is the social proof of the course.

Students of the Amazon Secrets 3.0 course are making 6-figures a month and many start making money quickly after the moment their products reach the Amazon warehouse.

If you don’t know yet if you want to make this big of an investment, check out their free online training.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Benji and Evan ensured that you either benefit from Amazon Secrets 3.0 or don’t lose money at all. They offer a 60-Day Money back guarantee for action takers of this FBA course.

Which means that they will get you a refund if the course does not make you money and you have done exactly what they told you to do.


CONCLUSIONIn conclusion, if you want are looking for the best Amazon FBA course, I think Amazon Secrets 3.0 is the one. This Amazon FBA training is comprehensive and covers everything you should know to become a successful Amazon seller. Imagine you take another course, you select to wrong product and spend 6k on inventory and then find out there is no demand for your product.

This FBA course ensures you pick the right product. And if you ask yourself: how to sell on amazon for beginners, you found the right course. But if you ask yourself: how to expand my Amazon FBA business, you are also in the right place.

As I mentioned before I thin it is good to check out their free online training on how Benji made $124,707 with one product hack to see if Amazon FBA is really your thing.

  •  Finding a Winning Product to Launch 
  •     Validating the Amazon Product 
  •   Finding and Choosing the Right Supplier
  •   Set Up the Perfect Product Listing 
  •   Launching from 0 to 100 sales step by step
  •   Getting the first 20 Reviews
  •  20+ Hours of In Depth Transparent Training!