Ezra Firestone – Smart Traffic Live 2019

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Author: Ezra Firestone

Ezra Firestone runs several multi-million dollar physical products businesses, and they are all built on the back of Facebook traffic and modern digital strategies. You will learn cutting edge marketing strategies that will keep your business ahead of the competition. As a result of learning from Ezra and the rest of the lineup, you will discover untapped sources of sales that your competition doesn’t know exists.

Smart Traffic Live 2019

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To do all that, we’re bringing together the top experts in paid media for 3 days of:

In-depth Trainings

on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube & More

We’re gathering 30+ experts across every major marketing channel to give us their personal business plans for how to grow a brand in 2020.

These top practitioners will tell you exactly how to generate more leads and convert more customers from your current campaigns, and give you a ton of new traffic systems you can profit from all year long.

Lead Generation Campaigns

Top Performing Ad Creatives

Budget & Optimization

Scaling Tactics

Retargeting Campaigns

Repeat Buyer Campaigns

Data Analysis & Tracking

Campaign Troubleshooting

YouTube Video Campaigns

Google Display Campaigns

Social Media Management

Email Marketing Strategies

Candid Interviews

with Our Guest Speakers

Our speakers think they’re just going to present and run? Not so fast!

We’re following up some sessions with questions from our hosts and from the audience, so we can squeeze every drop of knowledge out of these experts.

Roundtable Discussions

Breaking Down Each Session

Molly and Ezra will add to the sessions by contributing their knowledge on each topic.

They will also be joined by Smart Marketer COO Colleen Taylor and data expert John Grimshaw, who will lend their expertise on how to use these strategies to get the most value for your business.