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Author: Ezra Firestone

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At Smart Marketer, we utilize every bit of our experience as ecommerce experts to provide you with the newest and most valuable strategies for growing your business. We focus on these 3 areas:
We start by running our own highly profitable online businesses. Every day, we’re finding the most effective strategies in ecommerce.
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Smart Email Marketing 2

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Here’s What You Get
Smart Email Marketing is a 6-module training with 45 videos (plus bonuses!), along with clear benchmarks to keep you focused and on track for success.
Email Automation Flows: Part 2
In Module 3, we continue looking at email automation as I cover the rest of the flows that I send people based on their behavior. I show you in specific detail how to copy my Customer Win-Back Flow, Sales Cycle Abandonment Flow, Cart Abandonment Flow, Welcome Flow, and more.
Email Campaigns
Now we move on from automated emails to manually broadcasted emails.
In this module, you will learn the email broadcasts I send out to different segments of my email list. Then, we’ll dive deep into the anatomy of a “sale event” (where most businesses generate 50-65% of their email revenue).
Sale Events
Now that we know the structure of a sale event, we’re going in-depth into how to set up different manually broadcasted promotional campaigns.
In Module 5, you’ll learn all 3 of my go-to sale events: the 8-day Double Down, the 1-day Double Down and the 4-day Price Hike.
List Health for List Wealth
In Module 6, you’ll learn 5 tips to keep your email list healthy to improve deliverability and make sure your flows and campaigns are as effective as possible. Then, learn how to set up a Sunset Flow, an email automation designed to reactivate unengaged users and get lost subscribers off your list.
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