Elliottwavestreet – Elliott Wave Street Course

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Elliottwavestreet – Elliott Wave Street Course

$70.00 $747.00

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My name is Juan Maldonado, and I’m an expert on Elliott Wave

I’ve had more than ten years of experience as a professional trader, trading multiple markets and teaching to over 1000 traders in the last years how to trade successfully.

This virtual training program will give you everything you need to navigate the markets using Elliott Wave successfully!

Elliott Wave Street Course

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Elliott Wave Street® Course Study Plan

Lesson 1: Introduction to Elliott Wave

Time: 53 min.In this lesson, you are going to learn the history of Elliott Wave, fundamental Fibonacci ratios, introduction to the impulse and corrective wave. Elliott Wave basic rules, Nature of Elliott Waves, Degrees and Color Code, understanding the subjectivity of the theory and three complimentary videos about Fibonacci, and the golden ratio.

Lesson 2: Start your Wave Counts

Time: 28 minIn this lesson, you are going to learn where, how, where, and when to start your wave count on a blank chart. Time frame selection and the best FREE data feeds to get as much data as possible to have a precise wave count. My tips and tricks to start the wave count and quickly define the highest probability scenario to work.

Lesson 3: Charting Platforms

Time: 21 minLearn my favorite charting platforms to make wave counts, a walkthrough on different platforms to reveal how to make the wave count. For this course, you can use any platform of your preference, the tricks to label the waves are universal and work on any platform.

Lesson 4: Impulse and Diagonal Waves

Time: 53 minLearn all the rules and guidelines for the impulse, leading and ending diagonal waves, and extensions. Channeling techniques and exclusive methodologies to find the right wave count.

Lesson 5: Corrective Waves

Time: 40 minThe correctives waves are known as the most difficult Elliott Wave patterns to learn, understand, and trade. I am going to disprove this;

Lesson 6: The Awesome Oscillator

Time: 40 minThe Elliott Wave theory is subjective; in this course, I develop exclusive techniques to reduce the subjectivity and make objective, technical, and high probability wave counts. The Awesome Oscillator is my top tool to have an objective analysis. You are going to learn how to pick the best wave count, time frame to trade and label, and do fast but precise wave counts using this tool.

Lesson 7: Fibonacci Applications

Time: 40 minLearn how to use the Fibonacci tool on the Elliott Wave theory, retrace, and extension. Find high probability support and resistance levels.


Elliottwavestreet – Elliott Wave Street Course

Elliottwavestreet – Elliott Wave Street Course