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Author: Earnest Epps

“I tell everyone that the only reason eCommerce Dropshipping got me excited was for two reasons: 1) The low barrier of entry for a business, which means I didn’t need tens of thousands of dollars to get started and 2) I understand that once I learned how to automate things properly “I could make money while I was sleeping, so I didn’t have to work until I died” like the traditional 9 to 5 route.” Earnest says.

High Ticket eCom Secrets

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Module 1: Successul Selection

The first module is fairly short, including only five videos and gives you an insight into what to get started with.

There is a video on product selection, pricing, choosing a target market and interest targeting lastly with a video on choosing your first product.

The videos are fairly short but do offer insightful information.

Module 2: Defining The Market

Seven videos are included in this section with very strange naming on the videos. Its almost as if Earnest Epps wants to create a sense of a special masterclass here, when in actual fact the videos are quite basic eCommerce ones.

Videos in this section (using my own basic descriptions) include, market research, brand loyalty, search volumes, competitions and a bonus video on how to get an edge over your competitors.

Module 3: Business Formation

Okay sorry to burst your bubble but if you’re not American, a lot of the videos in this section are pointless. There are videos on how to setup your EIN and obtaining your resellers certificate. You’ll also learn how to setup DBA registration.

It’s important to throw this spanner in the works for non US residents. If you want to drop ship with US suppliers to US customers it’s highly unlikely you will be able too as an international sole trader. You’ll likely run into issues when they ask for your reseller ID or social security number which of course you don’t have.

Other videos in this section include setting up a domain name, linking this to your Shopify store and purchasing and configuring email, phone and addresses for your store.

Module 4: Website Creation

I won’t bore you to death with all the videos in this section but there is eleven videos in this section on how to setup your Shopify store, choosing a template, installing and customizing all the apps he recommends you use.

There’s videos on adding logos, changing color schemes, layouts etc, etc.

Fairly basic content here, there’s plenty of free videos for further Shopify store setups.

I recommend using eCom Turbo for your store (read review).

Module 5: Supplier Approval

Again if you’re outside the USA you’re going to find this section nearly impossible to succeed with, but you can still watch and learn from the videos provided by Earnest Epps.

Module 6: Optimize For Conversions

I won’t go into all the videos but they are fairly standard such as adding urgency timers, bonus offers, upsells, social media signals and social proof, using reviews and using a plugin called Lucky Orange for tracking visitors.

You need to follow each video, if you want a refund for this course you must setup your site exactly as per the videos in this module or you will be denied that refund (see below of article for more info).

Module 7: Unlimited Traffic

The word unlimited simply does not exist in web traffic, there is always going to be a limit to what you will actually receive and how much you can afford to spend to get that traffic.

This module sounds promising but is basic videos on using Google Adwords, Google Shopping, influencers and banner ads. The only problem is where other courses include 50-100 videos on the topic, you get 9 short videos.

Given the price of the course and how important traffic is to your business, without it you’re pretty much going to make no money I’d have thought this section would have included a lot more content.

This goes back to my comment earlier, is this a course for people who have already started drop shipping and want to scale into bigger potential profits, or is it for a beginner just starting out, looking to fire their boss?

If it’s the latter, this module will be very disappointing for you. If you compare it to a course such as eCom Elites (review) that offers nearly 100 videos on Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping and Pinterest, there is really no comparison.

*Update, it now appears there is 15-20 more videos included in the bonus modules.

Module 8: Automation

Four videos on automating your business. Very short and include topics such as outsourcing with VA’s.

What about software plugins? No mention whatsoever.

2 Original Bonus Modules

There is currently two bonus modules, one on combating fraud as I mentioned earlier, it’s a big topic that seems to have only recently been added to the course and the last one is on further information for updating your store.

Additional Traffic Modules

Since I initially penned this article, there is now five bonus modules in the course on the following topics (not much detail). It does however cover the basics on Google Shopping, retargeting and one nice feature which you won’t find in many courses is of course Bing Advertising which is making a bit of a come back in 2019.

The weekly live masterclasses do offer some valuable insights too.

  • Google Product Ads
  • Google Dynamic Retargeting
  • Bing Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Weekly Live Masterclasses.