E.Walter Maunder – The Astronomy of the Bible

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Author: E.Walter Maunder

In 1894 the English astronomer Edward Walter Maunder pointed out that very few sunspots had been observed between 1645 and 1715. Astronomers such as John Flamsteed and Gian Domenico Cassini who did observe sunspots during that period noted that they were the first they had seen in years.

The Astronomy of the Bible

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Maunder, discover of the “Maunder Minimum” of the solar cycle, an indisputable scientist with impeccible credentials and accomplishments. This book demonstrates that Professor Maunder was also a man of deep Biblical faith, and a scholar of Scripture.

In this book, Prof. Maunder discusses the many Scriptures that refer to the night sky, and provides considerable historical and observational information. Unlike typical science works today, Prof. Maunder presents solid science with an abashed devotion to the truth and authority of Scripture. There is none of casual dismissals typical of the contemporary secular science mainstream. Nor are there any trite creationist appeals typical of contemporary Biblical writings. And neither is there any discussion at all of this mystical “Gospel in the Stars” nonsense that was no doubt very popular during Prof. Maunder’s early life.

The only possible quibble a Christian reader today might have is that Maunder is a bit sketchy when discussing the “long day” of Joshua. His explanation remains true to the Biblical account, but attempts to put a bit of rationistic whitewash on the matter, rather than embracing the sheer miraculousness.

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