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Dramatically boost your trading results to the next level with The Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning Workshop by Robert Miner & Dynamic Traders.

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$90.00 $997.00

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Overview of the course Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning Workshop by Robert Miner and Dynamic Traders

Robert Miner’s primary instructional product Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning Workshop is now available online. In his 35 years of trading experience, he has been a trailblazer in the practical application of Fibonnaci price and time analysis, as well as a variety of time frame momentum strategies. Whatever market or time period you trade in, if you’re looking for a comprehensive, step-by-step, and professional instructional trading program, this course is for you. 

Among the examples included in the course Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning Workshop by Robert Miner and Dynamic Traders are examples of futures, FX, equities, and exchange traded funds (ETFs) in various time periods. In this course, you will learn a comprehensive and profitable trading method that can be used to any market or time period.


What are the unique points of the course Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning Workshop

During the Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning Workshop, you will spend 30 to 35 hours going over all of the content in this intense trading session. This area contains all videos, principles and concepts sections, mastery examples, bar-by-bar training, quizzes, and printed supplementary material. Each part is intended to last between 30 and 60 minutes.

This curriculum is unquestionably better than any other trading software or self-study course you have encountered. Individuals who have previously been burnt should have no reason to fear obtaining re-mastered recordings or a cobbled-together, watered-down product. It is a viable alternative to an in-person session.


The Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning Workshop course outline

  • Video 1: Introduction to the Dynamic Trading Approach
  • Video 2: Pattern and Practical Elliott Wave Trade Strategies
  • Video 3: Dynamic Price Analysis
  • Video 4: Practical Indicator Strategies
  • Video 5: Practical Trade Strategies
  • Video 6: Trading The Plan


About your trading expert Robert Miner 

Robert Miner has updated Forex, stock, and futures markets for over twenty years. He travels the globe delivering lectures on trade and has written for a broad range of media. One of the largest brokerage firms has named Miner its Guru of the Year, and he has won the annual real-time trading competition.

When it comes to numerous time frame trading methods, Robert Miner has developed his own unique methodology based on the ideas of W.D. Gann, R.N. Elliott, and his own approach to Fib time and price targets.


What you should know more about the sales page Dynamic Traders

Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning Workshop Dynamic Traders Amazon 4 Trader
Dynamic Traders

Around 1990, Robert Miner established the Dynamic Traders Group to provide market research and trading strategy reports, as well to create the Dynamic Trader trading software and trading course.

The Dynamic Trader Software and Trading Course was initially launched by Dynamic Traders Group in 1996, following a two-year development period. He created the DT program to combine his own trading methods and tactics for spotting high-probability buy and sell opportunities.

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