Don Miller – Trading The E-Minis for a Living

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Don Miller – Trading The E-Minis for a Living

$27.97 $795.00

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Don Miller – Trading The E-Minis for a Living

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Here Is A Brief Outline Of E-Mini Course

Part I: Introduction To The E-Minis.

Do you have trading experience in stocks, but are new to futures and the E-minis? If so, this section will take you through all the basics so that you can easily incorporate the E-minis into your trading repertoire. In addition, you will learn why many stock traders are switching their main trading activity over to the E-minis. I explain their advantages and how you as an E-mini trader will benefit.

Get the facts about the E-minis, the fastest growing market available to traders and why more and more stock traders are making the switch

Find out the real motivations behind the creation of the E-minis and why they are the individual traders’ best friend.

You will learn all of the key trading concepts that have been essential to my success as a trader. The knowledge contained in this section will give you a solid foundation for successfully applying the strategies that I teach you.

  • 7 common mistakes that most traders make…here’s how to avoid them
  • Why developing your trading skill should be your main focus–not money
  • How winning traders manage their risk
  • The key to trading with an edge is to understand what probability really means
  • How to find a simple bias you can use in your trading
  • Why you should not care about your win to loss ratio
  • How to sort through the head fakes in the E-mini futures markets…and find the real opportunities

Part III: My E-Mini Trading Strategies.

In this section, you will gain a full understanding of all the indicators and how to put them together in order to identify the high-probability trading setups. You will learn my main trading patterns, rules for entry, stop placement and exit.

Here are studies and indicators you’ll use to guide your E-Mini trading and why

The best use of moving averages I have ever seen

How far will price go before it really reverses? Use my proprietary setting for Bollinger Bands to find out

How I use stochastics to identify when momentum is kicking in

Combining all my indicators together to identify the best entries for high-probability trades

Part IV: The Real-World E-Mini Trading Simulator.

Finally, you will be trained repeatedly on applying my trading strategy in real situations. No effort has been spared to duplicate the realism of trading, including exposing you to the reality of taking losses. Through dozens of trades and hundreds of different situations in both S&P E-mini and Nasdaq-100 E-mini price action, you will learn how to employ my strategies to every trading situation.

Practice putting my strategies into action over and over again through realistic trading simulations

Watch the price action unfold bar-by-bar using the same real time charts I use–along with a display of my indicators exactly as I see them when I trade

Make your own “buy” and “sell” decisions and immediately receive feedback from me about whether you are right or wrong–plus my analysis of the situation at that moment in time.