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Author: Derek Halpern

Derek is also an online courses creator. He create and sell online courses. Derek can teach you how to create and develop your own online course. He can even show you how to create an online course with wordpress

Blogs That Converts 2.0

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  1. How to Contact Blog that Converts Support

If you have account problems, payment problems, or any other questions about Blog that Converts, the BEST way to reach Blog that Converts support is to email

  1. Why you MUST confirm your email address

You should have received 3 emails from me. One with your login information, one receipt, and one asking you to confirm your email address.

You MUST confirm your email address. That’s how I’ll communicate with you about new modules and more!

  1. How to join the Social Triggers Mastermind Community

Now that you’re a member of Blog that Converts, I suggest you join our privacy Facebook community.

Join the Social Triggers Mastermind Community Here

Three things to note:

First, if your name on Facebook doesn’t match your Blog that Converts membership, send an email to support to let us know.

Second, this is an opportunity for you to get help from your peers with your business. That means, there should absolutely be NO SELLING or PROMOTING yourself inside this private group.

Note: Your membership in Blog that Converts is subject to our Terms & Conditions. If we feel like you’re acting inappropriately, we reserve the right to revoke your access.

  1. A quick and simple survey for new customers

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  1. The Class Schedule

Week 1 – Operation Quick Start

Week 2 – The Content Gameplan

Week 3 – Advanced Strategies (and Action Week)

Week 4 – Your Audience (And 7 Promotional Strategies)

Week 5 – Advanced Strategies (and Action Week)

Week 6 – The Money Module (How to Turn Your Audience Into Revenue)

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