Kt Boehrer – Declination. The Other Dimension

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Author: Kt Boehrer

Included in this book is extensive information on both the astronomy and astrology of declinations, along with numerous examples that reveal information that would have been unavailable without the use of declinations. Thorough examples include one of child abuse and another for child birth.

Declination. The Other Dimension

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Possibly the most important material included in this book is that of out-of-bounds planets, especially the Moon. Specific guidelines and rules for interpretation of the out-of-bounds Moon  add considerable depth of meaning to that often overlooked factor in the chart.
Declinations, the other dimension of a planet’s position in an astrology chart, represented an overlooked technique until astrologer Kt Boehrer books were published. She thoroughfully investigated this subject over many years, bringing to astrologers’ awareness the extraordinary power and value of declinations.
Also known as “the declination lady”, as she used to sign her messages, she pointed out the importance of out of bounds planets and developed astrological techniques such the declination conversion into longitude.
This technique simply considers that as the Sun moves both in longitude and declination throughout a year, there is a symbolic relationship between a declination degree and the Sun’s position in longitude when it has the respective declination. But there’re two moments during a year when the Sun has the same declination (named antiscia or solstice points), so there’re two longitudes corresponding to a specific declination of the Sun. So, this is it: a planet’s position in declination has two equivalent longitudes, representing a sort of reflection, a mirroring, a hidden connection.
It therefore allows correlating the two dimensions, declination and longitude, offering a way to integrate declinations in the regular astrology chart interpretation.

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