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Founded by Marc Nicolas, The Day Trading Zones, formerly known as The Power Zones helped lots of traders for many years, providing them with a solid Day Trading blue print.

What’s new is the Day Trading Zones are now available for multi-markets and you can download them to add to your NinjaTrader and eSignal charts and use them on whatever instrument you like.

Marc is a 20+ year trading veteran who cut his teeth as a proprietary trader for JP Capital a division of Andover Trading, and since 2002 offering Emini, forex and option trading Private Mentorships made in Real Time, Fibonacci, Price Symmetry & Profitable TradingThe multiple techniques behind the Day Trading Zones calculations have been proved through millions of dollars in yearly trades with hundreds of thousands of dollars in gains and losses, and thousands of hours of real live observations.

The DayTradingZones was born out of simplifying Marc’s own trading, so instead of watching a multitude of screens, charts, indicators. The idea was to group everything into one chart per symbol to make faster.

Fibonacci Price Symmetry

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