Day Trading Playbook Elite Package: Best Intraday Strategy

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Leverage Raghee’s scaling strategy through the Day Trading Playbook Elite Package unboxes and spot out the best time to trade in the market. Download now!

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$160.00 $1,597.00

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The power of Raghee scaling strategy in spotting the best time to trade

Your course instructor, Raghee Horner makes extraordinary profits by trading only two hours a day, a few days a week, using her trading strategy and time-tested tools. As if that wasn’t enough, her method may be used for a wide range of financial instruments ranging from futures to ETFs to stock options.

It only takes Raghee a few deals a week to build up large profits in this short time span. To prevent expensive errors, she employs the Clearing Range in her tools and approach. Raghee is able to pinpoint the exact entry, profit objectives, and stop losses before she ever executes a trade thanks to her strategic trading strategy. Now you can follow exactly what Raghee did in her complete course to figure out the best time to trade and accelerate your trading lifestyle. 

Day Trading Playbook Elite Package: Maximize your trading performance with the most scalable method

In the world of day trading, there is no such thing as a “normal” time period. Overtrading has the ability to negate any profits you may make, but it also comes with the danger of giving them back. Rather of a steady ascent, most day traders’ P&L looks like a roller coaster. Consistent profits aren’t guaranteed by always staring at your monitor. You can master Raghee’s scalable strategy for making money in any market by taking the Day Trading Playbook Elite Package.

Here’s some of what you will learn with this step-by-step trading training course:

  • How Raghee manages to maintain a consistent rise in accounts week-to-week
  • What makes the first two hours of the morning so ideal for trading?
  • Making the right decisions and avoiding the wrong ones
  • What it takes to make a full-time salary in any economy
  • Her model for profit objectives, stop losses, and entry prices is scalable
  • How is Raghee able to make a profit that is more than last year?

Discover what’s inside the Day Trading Playbook Elite Package

The following items are included as part of your purchase of this special bundle:

  • Raghees New Day Trading Playbook 
  • VWAP Max Indicators Suite
  • DARVAS Box 3.0 
  • 2-Day Recorded Pro Live Trading 
  • 2-Day Recorded Elite Live Trading

With the help of Raghee’s New Day Trading Playbook, you’ll learn what it takes to succeed in day trading. 

Moreover, Raghee Horner and Eric Purdy’s unique VWAP Max Indicators, which evaluate price and volume to assist traders gauge market mood, are also included in the subscription package. Automatically detecting overbought and oversold circumstances as well as up, down, turbulent market conditions may all be identified using VWAP.

Additionally, with the new Darvas 3.0 indicator included in the Day Trading Playbook Elite Package, you can take automatic price action trading to the next level. Price peaks are shown via the new Darvis 3.0’s use of colored arrows. Darvas may now notify traders when the price reaches certain minor lows and minor highs. Automated arrows will indicate turning points and validate high likelihood levels using these arrows.

Finally, you’ll receive two live-trading sessions to demonstrate how to use Raghee’s scaling strategy.

About Raghee Horner – Managing Director of Futures Trading at Simpler Trading

Raghee Horner Course Snack

With over 30 years of trading experience, Raghee Horner is well-versed in all types of markets and is well-known for creating indicators that can be used on any market or time period. In her daily live members web-based chat room where she performs research and real-time transactions, Ms. Horner may be followed as she navigates the markets. She is also noted for her ability to turn the cacophony of the markets into practical, consistent, and lucrative trading techniques.