David Talas – Instagrizzle Masterclass

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Author: David Talas

I have been in love with science since I was a little child, and now, that I understand why it is important, our love has just skyrocketed.

Instagrizzle Masterclass

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The most influential brands, artists, and personalities all have one thing in common:

An audience that knows, likes, and trusts them.

The people who are able to gather an audience and leverage on their attention, are the ones who make an impact in the world.

Sounds simple enough. So where do we start?

In the 21st century, the answer is Instagram.

With access to around 500 million active users around the world at the palm of your hand, gaining a following has never been easier!

The question is how. And that’s the purpose of the Instagrizzle Masterclass.

It is a content-creation process I use to grow my own brand. And have since taught it to 200+ students from around the world.

Helping them reach a larger audience. Allowing them to spread their ideas and create an impact in the world.