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Order David & Neil’s Trend Spark Indicator by Simpler Trading now to get a powerful tool that automatically identifies the trend when to enter/exit a trade. 

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$50.00 $497.00

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Automatically spot trading trend with David & Neil’s Trend Spark Indicator from Simpler Trading

David & Neil’s Trend Spark Indicator can be applied to any symbol or time period, including stocks, ETFs, cryptos, and currencies. It automatically picks accurate trend trades with built-in trailing stop levels. ThinkOrSwim and Tradestation both support this indicator set.

As a stand-alone method or as a supplement to your current approach, this new signal is even more potent. There are also objective stop levels that are plotted by David & Neil’s Trend Spark Indicator. When a transaction is losing money, these levels tell you when to get out of the market. For even more clarity on when to scale out earnings, Trend Spark automatically suggests where to place trailing stops.


What is David & Neil’s Trend Spark Indicator used for?

  • Any period will suffice; just look for the dominating pattern.
  • As soon as feasible, identify the exact entries (while filtering out noise)
  • Give them a starting point from which to explore wider patterns.
  • Use reversals to your advantage by getting in early.
  • Reveal where to cut your losses if a move fails.
  • Allow for higher potential profits by providing automated trailing stop levels.


Meet your trading experts David Starr and Neil Yeager

Introducing David Starr

Simpler Trading’s Mad Scientist is none other than David Starr. He is a theoretical mathematician who went on to get a first-class MBA, and he now works full-time as a trader and mentor for Simpler Trading. Academic accomplishments plus his work as a strategic management consultant in creating firms and bringing them public may be considered excellent preparation for success in the financial markets by many people. David’s trade knowledge and problem-solving skills are shared in novel and stimulating ways. Though David Starr is known for his out-of-the-box thinking, his technical indicators are used by traders of all skill levels.


Introducing Neil Yeager

Trader and statistician Neil Yeager specializes in intraday trading in futures, currencies, and commodities. When it comes to financial markets, he’s an expert. Market profiling, Japanese candlesticks and statistical data from his own research on the /ES can greatly enhance your understanding of market movements thanks to his approach. His trades have outstanding risk-to-reward ratios because he is systematic and careful in his entry points. Statistical modeling and backtests bolster Neil’s tactics. You can’t miss Neil’s daily commentary in the Futures Gold Room if you’re trading futures. You can benefit from his statistical method even if you don’t trade futures.


What makes the sales page Simpler Trading special?

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Simpler Trading Course Snack

John F. Carter, a legend in the field of trading, founded Simpler Trading, an internet trading platform. This sales website specializes in providing real-time notifications, monthly newsletters, online trading classes, and numerous market indicators. Access to Simpler Trading’s vast collection of high-quality courses taught by world-class educators is simple for members. This site’s contributors were personally selected by John F. Carter, the founder of the site. Simplicity in trading is the name of the game, and that’s exactly what you get with Simpler Trading.

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