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Author: David Elliott

As traders, we each have different styles, but we have all incorporated methods pioneered by David Elliot (a.k.a First Wave) into our trading methods in one form or another.

An uncanny sense of markets.

An inquisitive nature. While we cannot yet mimic David’s intuition, we share his spirit for always looking for fresh perspectives, new ideas, and better ways to understand market behavior. By pursuing our goal with open minds, intellectual rigor. And a playful attitude we find new ways everyday to deepen our understanding and improve our profitability

Passion. Do what you love and you will love what you do. One doesn’t have to listen to David long to know that he is passionate about trading and about sharing what he learned with others.


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ADX can employed to evaluate the strength of a trend, be it up or down. In conjunction with David Elliott’s Technical Timing Patterns (TM) such as SOAP and SnapBacks, ADX can reveal the strength of buy and sell signals that indicate the timing of explosive market moves.

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