Darren Hardy – The Entrepreneur Fastpass


Darren Hardy - The Entrepreneur Fastpass


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Darren Hardy – The Entrepreneur Fastpass

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Become a thriving entrepreneur.

This focused training will save you years of trial and error, and weeks of sorting through business advice books and blogs, newsletters and seminars.

Darren Hardy expertly breaks this essential material down into easy-to-follow video training modules and reveals the best practices used by the world’s most successful entr


This is THE entrepreneur training that will move your business and your life forward

This program includes hours of video, days of audio and years of experience. Every lesson includes new exclusive material from Darren Hardy

12-weekly video training modules

Lifetime access complete with audio and video programs and a progressive workbook

Transformational training is easily accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Audio files are downloadable so that you can listen on the go

Darren Hardy walks you through the best ideas, strategies and methodologies discovered over 20 years studying with the top CEOs and business mentors

Includes active workbooks, support, resources and action plans you need to get results

Discussion forum to share your learning and growth experience with ambitious, like-minded achievers