2017 Chicago Annual Seminar – Dan Sheridan


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Dan Sheridan - 2017 Chicago Annual Seminar


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The 2017 Chicago Annual Seminar was held by Sheridan Options Mentoring to teach you a variety of proven trading strategies used to generate income by successful traders.

Take an overview of 2017 Chicago Annual Seminar by Sheridan Options Mentoring 

Through the 2017 Chicago Annual Seminar offered by Sheridan Options Mentoring, you’ll hear from 12 speakers on their trading adventures and the “bread and butter” go-to transactions they use every month to make money., The seminar provides you with over 15-hour HD recordings of each session and over 250-page downloadable copies of presenters materials. 2017 Chicago Annual Seminar is divided into 2 days with the content breakdown you will have access to as below:

Thursday June 15th 2017:

  • 14 Strategies which are better by Dan Sheridan
  • Working on the Craft by Lane Snell
  • Trading/Hedging with The All Put Flat Butterfly by Mark Fenton
  • The Greeks of Short Term vs. Long Term Trades by Brian Overby
  • Trading Butterflies Technically by Dennis Wong
  • Getting Started – My first year trading Options by William Clifford
  • A fun discussion of challenges & opportunity for 2017 by Tom Sosnoff

Friday June 16th 2017:

  • 14 Strategies which are better – Part 2 by Dan Sheridan
  • Volatility Based Credit Spreads by Jim Bittman
  • Fire Drill Management by Grant Abrams
  • Adjustments by Jay Bailey
  • Process Not Perfection: How I make Adjustments By The Greeks by Dino K
  • SPX Execution by SPX Pit Broker
  • 14 Strategies which are better – Part 3 by Dan Sheridan

About the 2017 Chicago Annual Seminar provider: Sheridan Options Mentoring

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