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Author: Damon Verial

I once met a woman who said that in her 40 years of live she had never left Washington State. After moving to Asia, I began to hear similar statements about the local town/county/country. I’ve never been able to wrap my head around this mindset, as I’ve been moving from place to place since childhood.

I was born in Orange County, spent my late childhood in Plano, and became an adult in a small boating village in Washington. My university years were spent in a big city: Seattle. Shortly afterward, I moved to Taiwan to learn Chinese and pursue grad school (as a final test of my Chinese ability).

I also took a “sabbatical” in China to learn “real” Chinese. After grad school, I moved to Japan, which I still consider the most livable country in the world, assuming you speak the language. Now, I live in Guam, an international island, where from my house I can walk to clean beaches with azure waters and coral reefs in fewer than five minutes

Gap Trading for Stock and Options Traders

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Course Description

So many products out there attempt to teach profitable stock or options trading methods, but none of them focus on GAPS: a statistically backed technical indicator that can help you predict the direction of a stock up to 92% of the time.

Who Am I? I’m a trader who works with some of the biggest names in the options trading industry and market advisory industry.

Some of my partners you probably will recognize from financial programs on CNBC and its ilk. As for me, I like to stay behind the scenes, trading gaps.

Why Did I Create This Course? I’ve been trying to teach gap trading on YouTube for free and through my gap trading newsletter at StockBarometer at $30 per month but end up getting bombarded with questions from people not very serious about making money with gaps. The problem is that neither of these media allow for my students to get a full picture of gap trading. My goal with this new course is to ensure that you get an entirely comprehensive understanding of gap trading as easy as possible, provided you’re serious about trading gaps. I personally spent a lot of time digging through source after source to understand gap trading and would have liked to have a course like this at the very beginning – it would have saved me a lot of time.

If you want fast, profitable results with trading but don’t want to go digging through book after book to figure out what works and what doesn’t, this course is for you.

  • I want to have a small role in changing your lifestyle.
  • I want to get this trading method out to the world before others figure it out, copy it, and rebrand it.

…So, I guess that’s the best way to explain why I created this course.


  • A 30-day money back guarantee! – If you don’t like it, get every penny back.
  • A technical analysis strategy that lets you predict the direction of any stock with a gap in it. My strategy is backed by statistical fact and can be right as often as 92% when you spot certain patterns. I’ll explain in exact detail how to go through my technical analysis process, so you’ll know step-by-step how to analyze a stock with a gap.
  • Winning trades. I’ll show you examples of my personal gap trades that bring me a consistent 40% ROI.
  • Conservative AND risk-seeking trades. I’ll show you how you can trade gaps both conservatively and speculatively. Area gaps that fill can bring you consistent small profits with low risk; breakaway gaps can lead you to riches – just ask my newsletter subscribers who recently made 300% profit on a breakaway gap play I set up for them. (Search for my “Tesla Stock Analysis” video on YouTube to see the details of that play.)
  • Extra time and without sacrificing profits. This is not a day-trading system that requires you to sit in front of your computer all day watching stock charts. You can set up gap trades in as little as 20 minutes per day.
  • An understanding of both stock and options. You can use this system with both stock and stock options. I’ll teach you the benefits of each in this course.
  • Easy-to-Use checklists. Although I believe you’re going to pay attention to and finish this course, sometimes you need a refresher and don’t have the time to sit through the course a second time. For this purpose, I have created checklists for each step of the Gap Gameplan for use as reference, should you ever forget the details of a step.


  • Ask me questions directly. I’ll be adding more videos and content to the course based on your questions. In the discussion board you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get personal feedback. (Please note: I cannot legally give you specific financial or investment advice due to SEC regulations.)
  • Certificate of completion
  • Discounts on future courses
  • Lock in your price now. Since I’m going to be adding new content each week, the price of the course will increase. If you want to get that new content for free, now is the time to buy.

What are the requirements?

  • Prior knowledge of trading is not necessary.