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Author: ConversionXL, Dan McGaw

Dan is a seasoned growth marketing and analytics veteran with a passion and talent for helping companies extract and interpret the right data to grow their businesses. He is currently the CEO and Founder of Effin Amazing, an analytics and marketing stack agency specialized in using data and analytics tools to increase mid-funnel and bottom-funnel conversion rates. He is also the CEO and Founder of, a leading tool in helping brands track the marketing campaigns with UTMs.

Optimizing Your Marketing Tech Stack

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Optimizing your marketing tech stack

Lesson 1

What is a Martech Stack and how does it solve my marketing problems?

Contrary to common practice, a marketing tech stack is more than just the motley collection of tools you’ve been using to run campaigns. This class will cover:

How to think about your stack, and the types of tools it should contain — You might just be overlooking a platform that can grow your business

What problems the right stack can help you solve — Freeing up more time through automating your lead-gen and follow-up processes is just the beginning

Lesson 2

Choose the right tools for your stack

With over 7000+ tools to choose from, the selection process can be confusing or overwhelming. Dan’s step-by-step approach will help you evaluate and choose the best marketing and business intelligence tools for your needs. Here’s what Class 2 will include:

Ways to discover new tools to keep pace with innovation — So you’ve always got best-in-class tools on your side

How to keep your stack organized — No more hunting for data in the wrong platforms, or wondering “Which tool does that again?”

How to choose the best tools for your business model — Not all marketing tools are created equal, and not all will fit your unique business

Dan’s straightforward way to choose tools and present findings — It’s not enough to find the right tool. You need buy-in from your team, too

Lesson 3

Integrating the stack

Everything in your marketing technology stack needs to be integrated with your site, product, and other business tools. Get it right by knowing the shortcuts, longcuts, and pro secrets. We’ll go through:

What the integration process for different tools looks like — And how you should set up integrations for faster data transfer and less redundancy

Why tag managers are a godsend for marketers — Your Google Analytics team will be jumping for joy at this one

Whether or not you should be using a customer data platform for integration — Not all businesses need this type of tool. But if you do, it can be a game-changer

Lesson 4

Building your stack taxonomy

From automating marketing and sales processes to helping you obtain reliable, meaningful intel, your tech stack should power your business for the better. But if nobody knows how things are named or where to find information, you’ve got no chance getting your team to embrace new systems. Occasionally boring, but wildly important topics include:

How to build a taxonomy and schema sheet — Standardize your stack structure and names in an easily scalable, referenceable document

The proper way to name the actions your users take — So that things like “sales-qualified lead” mean the same to everyone in your company

How to store important demographic, technographic, and firmographic data — The right classifications make it much easier to search, sort, and segment

How to maintain data governance in your marketing stack — Make sure your tools generate untainted, reliable data at every step of the process

Lesson 5

Data driven analytics

With the right analytics setup, your data can tell you a ton about your customers. Dan will show you:

How to improve your reporting and KPIs — Stop tracking vanity metrics, and start running more meaningful reports

Why Google Analytics just isn’t enough nowadays — Supplement your main analytics platform with tools that fill in the missing holes

How to track phone calls in your analytics — Paint a more complete picture of where your wins are coming from….