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The Consulting Case Interview Prep Course by The Wall Street Oasis walks you through detailed instructions to land prestigious management consulting jobs. 

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$19.00 $197.00

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Increase your career opportunities in management consulting with Consulting Case Interview Prep Course from The Wall Street Oasis

The Consulting Case Interview Prep Course at the Wall Street Oasis is superior to all others. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide that covers all you need, you’ll have to go elsewhere. To add insult to injury, they’re written by a single ex-consultant who hasn’t worked on a project for years. The process of finding and employing management consultants is ever-changing. Doing the same thing that worked a year ago is no longer effective. You’ll notice that your interviewers are constantly changing their questions and techniques in order to get a sense of what you’re capable of. With the help of hundreds of current consulting experts, the WSO course provides you with the most current knowledge on how to ace an interview and get a job. If you want to know what’s going on in the industry, these are the people who can tell you.


What await you in this Consulting Case Interview Prep Course by The Wall Street Oasis

  • Master All Concepts: Consulting firms are not looking for robots. They want to know that you are knowledgeable about the industry, capable of resolving difficulties, managing stress, and managing customers, and that you are a good match for their firm. You’ll discover how to master each of these concepts – even if you only have a few days to prepare.
  • Conduct Research on Specific Consulting Firms: You’ll receive access to over 2,037 consulting interview questions from over 200 consulting companies, organized by position, enabling you to concentrate your preparation on the most crucial areas of the interview.
  • Create a Foundation: With 11 in-depth exclusive cases written by a McKinsey Associate and over ten hours of video, you will leave no stone unturned and will be completely prepared for everything they throw at you.
  • Prepare Rapidly and Achieve a Higher Level of Competence: With a thorough sector and recruiting overview, you’ll get the knowledge necessary to demonstrate a genuine interest in the field. Master essential concepts and stack your study to get the greatest possible preparation in the least period of time.
  • Master the Case Interview: With over 20 hours of extra video case material, you’ll gain confidence walking through your own cases and be prepared for on-the-spot cases to establish your aptitude for management consulting.
  • Receive Exclusive Insider Knowledge on Over a Hundred Consulting Firms: With the WSO Company Database, you’ll have access to unique data on pay, interviews, and employee evaluations for hundreds of companies, as well as over 2,000 interview insights, enabling you to zero in on the firms and opportunities that are a good match for you.
  • Construct a High-Performance Networking Infrastructure: With over 30 hours of video instruction on LinkedIn, Emailing, and Cold Calling, you’ll discover how to treble your response rate, get more interviews, and gain help from inside consulting experts regardless of your experience.
  • Consulting Veterans Demonstrate How to Achieve It Using The Wso Video Library: With over 40 hours of consulting-specific videos, you’ll see how professional consultants answered the same questions you’ll be asked. Conduct in-depth examinations of Q&As and example circumstances to ascertain what works and what does not.


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