Constance Brown – Fibonacci Analysis


Constance Brown – Fibonacci Analysis


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Constance Brown – Fibonacci Analysis

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1 The Mystery of Phi (1.618) and phi (0.618).

2 The Concept of Market Expansion and Contraction.

3 Support, Resistance, and Price Projections.

4 Bridging the Gap Between the Nautilus Shell and a Market Chart.

5 Fibonacci Channels, Angles, and Cycles with Oscillators.

6 Fibonacci Expansion Targets and Confluence in Time.

7 Rhythmic Wave Diagrams.

8 Harmonic Unity Within Market Price and Time.

Appendix A.

Appendix B: Common Errors.

Selected Bibliography.



Only someone who is both a successful trader and a successful writer could pull off what Constance Brown has accomplished in this book: distilling Fibonacci analysis to two hundred or so comprehensive, clearly written, eminently practical pages.

Brown knows exactly what a professional trying to come up to speed on a new trading tool needs and she provides it, covering what Fibonacci analysis is, how it works, where it comes from, pitfalls and dangers, and, of course, how to use it.

Where is the market going?

At what level should my stop be entered?

Based on the size of my trading account, how much should I leverage into a trading position?

Can I tell if I am in trouble before my stop is hit?

How much should I buy or sell if given a second or third opportunity?

Occasional references to other tools–including Elliott Wave, W.D. Gann, and candlestick charts–and an extensive bibliography make this book richer for accomplished technical analysts without confounding the less experienced.

Gold Medal Winner (tie), Investing Category, Axiom Business Book Awards (2009)