Complete 4-Book Course: Four-Dimensional & Market Science Volumes I & II – Bradley F. Cowan

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Master the strategy that can be applied in any market through the Complete 4-Book Course: Four-Dimensional & Market Science Volumes I & II by Bradley F. Cowan.

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$40.00 $399.00

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Overview of the Four-Dimensional & Market Science Volumes I & II

Trainer Bradley F. Cowan, a 40-year market veteran, teaches a course called The Complete 4-Book Course: Four-Dimensional & Market Science Volumes I & II. The course is divided into two sections, as shown below.

You’ll learn about stock market structures and cycles in the first two volumes of the Complete 4-Book Course: Four-Dimensions Volumes I and II. There are tactics that can be used to any market despite the fact that stock market examples have been provided.

Accurate financial market models may be predicted years in the future with this award-winning home-study course. Geometry and cycle analysis are used to identify price and temporal trends. It’s possible to get more than 1% accurate predictions of price and time with workbook-style questions and answers like these.

A five-year model of the stock market built in February 1984 using the principles taught in this course is given below. After this model was created, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is given below for comparison.

The Square of Twelve and Market Dynamics are among the topics covered in Part 2 of the Complete 4-Book Course: Four-Dimensional and Market Science Volume I & II.

Some of what you will learn from the Complete 4-Book Course: Four-Dimensional & Market Science Volume I & II

New methods of studying financial markets are presented in the Complete 4-Book Course: Four-Dimensional and Market Science Volumes I & II. Until now, no one has ever revealed this information to the public. Technical analysts from the country’s largest brokerage firms and top traders throughout the globe will both find something new in this course. Here are just a few examples of the specific issues addressed in this course:

  • Explains the reasons behind the irregularity of the bottoms and peaks of cycles.
  • Fixes the 52-month cycle’s mysterious disappearance
  • Future market turns may be predicted using geometry and cycles.
  • The price-time activity is not adequately shown by two-dimensional price-time charts.
  • Understanding and putting into practice the concepts in this course do not need a Ph.D. or computer.
  • The rationale for financial market geometry based on empirical evidence
  • Geometry is the 21st-century market analysis.
  • And more.

Get to know your course instructor Bradley F. Cowan

Bradley F. Cowan Course SnackAs a retired Electrical Engineer, Bradley F. Cowan advised on several military and government projects, including the Seawolf attack submarine, FA-18 fighter aircraft, GPS satellites, and the Sparrow cruise missile. In his early 30s, Mr. Cowan applied his studies of engineering, psychology, and physics to the financial markets, and he retired from engineering after only a few years in the field.

Cowan released his first book, Four-Dimensional Stock Market Structures and Cycles, in September of 1993. It was a bestseller. In his early twenties, he produced a series of discoveries that he had used for years in his own trade. It was in 1995 that John C. Bradley F. Cowan produced two more volumes on the soybean market to supplement his first, Market Science Volumes I and II. Introducing a novel way to use the pentagram to foresee time cycles was his first new publication in 15 years, Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory, published in December 2009.

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