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The course Climatic Behavior by Feibel Trading will teach you how to spot the trends and trade parabolic movements, increasing your winning rates in trading.

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$47.00 $472.00

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The course Climatic Behavior by Feible Trading – A must take for aspiring traders who want to make more money in this trading game

The Climatic Behavior course is aimed at traders with expertise in our approach and an excellent plan for increasing their level of skills and trade. The software was built with clarity in mind so that the trader can recognize and capitalize on climate bars and/or behavior. A crucial feature that enables the trader to gain under different market situations.

Climate tactics are highly effective since price action may often be used as a catalyst for a market shift or prospective trend shift. This training presents a unique systemic method for trade mechanics in four key areas, which gives the trader a fundamental edge. Designed specifically for the intermediate to experienced intraday trader or the LPA knowledge: Logical Price Action – Complete Course. Strategies may be transferred to all asset classes.

The complete course has 18 HD videos, different studies and 182m running duration. Each session includes a PDF with it.

What’s included in Climatic Behavior of Feibel Trading

  • Video 1: Anatomy of Climatic Behavior 
  • Video 2: Process 
  • Videos 3-8: Bearish Case Studies 
  • Videos 9-12: Bullish Case Studies 
  • Videos 13-17: Bonus Quizzes 
  • Video 18: Final Words 

The topics covered in the course Climatic Behavior

  • Multiple setups
  • Various entry techniques
  • Fully defined, unique process
  • Strict predefined stop techniques
  • Trade with the professionals
  • Natural built in filters, reducing risk
  • Learn advanced context
  • Introduction to advanced bar analysis
  • Learn to identify and read climatic turns
  • Plus much more

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Feibel Trading was created, utilizing the instruments of Richard Demille Wyckoff, with a concept that combines opposing policies, modernity and simplicity to thrive in worldwide markets. Its aim is to provide discretionary strategies for the largest proprietary business in the world. Feibel Trading has full control and may identify the markets to be pursued. With new training methodologies, the company continues to pursue excellence to produce a next generation of worldwide, top traders. Further diversification of the existing product range is vital to growth, and offers both retail and institutional customers new and interesting expansions. Heavy investment targets technology to enhance the automated trade segment of this company, with focus on the development of a pure alpha strategy which is uncorrelated.

With systematic trade methods which capture the explainable difference among market forces, Feibel Trading showed truthfulness and transparency. With rigorous tests the platform has offered the possibility, in strict accordance with simplicity and purity, to develop a strong, diverse approach. This company has developed several unique training techniques that attempt to enhance the learning process in order to provide prospective traders an informational approach. The cleverness of traders is a crucial factor for success and has led to investment in cognitive neuroscientists, the necessity for fast training. Feibel Trading has been successfully implemented and uses new breakthrough training protocols to develop a unique, personalized, leading education program in the sector.

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