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ClayTrader – Robotic Trading


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ClayTrader – Robotic Trading

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What Is This Training All About?

Are you able to score winning trades on a regular basis? Consistent trading is what allows you to trade for a living while you sit in your underwear at home. Learning to ‘truly’ use charts is a great step in the right direction of improving consistency. This training is designed to give you the quickest path to understanding charts and establishing trading consistency.

Long term success as a trader is all about two characteristics: elimination of emotions and consistency. Technical analysis (the use of charts) is the most efficient method to acquire these two attributes.

Ever watch a television show or movie that has stock traders apart of it? Notice what is always on the trader’s computer screens in the background? Technical charts!

There is a reason professional traders use charts. If they want to keep their job, they need to be consistent and charts allow you to improve in this area.

How do charts allow you to improve? They eliminate your emotions. Getting emotional is the worst thing a trader can do. You may profit every once in a while by making an ‘emotional’ decision, but in the long run, emotional decisions lead to irrational decisions, and irrational decisions lead to you losing money.

The Exact Videos You Will Receive


What Is Technical Analysis

What is a Chart

Setting Up a Chart

Candlestick Analysis

Candlestick Analysis Case Studies

The Trend is your Friend

Support, Resistance, and Trendlines

Support, Resistance, and Trendlines Case Studies

Introduction to Technical Indicators