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HOTH Growth Blueprint V2

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How To Create A Marketing Machine That Will Consistently Grow Your Business

I was paralyzed…

From The Desk of Clayton Johnson, COO @ The HOTH

It was 2011, and I had just flown in to do a mastermind with 3 top marketers in a sick house overlooking the beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

The excitement of it all was pumping through my veins.

For the last 2 years, I had been creating on an online guitar course that was going to be my ticket to freedom.

I could almost touch my dreams of country hopping, automatic income, drinks on the beach… living the life!

I had the entire course completed, clickbank approved my product, and I was ready to launch but then….

I froze.

Every marketing article I had been devouring for the previous 2 years started rushing back to me.

Wait, shouldn’t I be split testing the landing page?

Should I be doing adwords or facebook? Or Bing? or Yahoo?

Shouldn’t I set up retargeting to capture all the people who bounce?

Should I change to a faster host?

Should I put a countdown timer on my VSL?


You see, I had spent so much time reading every random marketing article on the internet that I knew TOO much.

On top of that, I had a limited budget and I couldn’t afford to just “test” everything.

That “knowledge” stopped me right in my tracks.

Even though I could talk shop about internet marketing for days on end, I felt like a total failure.

I was spending all my time on the WRONG things, staying up late just trying to make it work.

That product never took off. I burned up all my money and time on it.

But I didn’t give up there…

While growing The HOTH we came to a similar problem where we had a successful business, but we had flatlined.

We couldn’t grow past a certain point, and it was the same frustration.

So I set out on a quest to really understand WHAT MATTERS so we could stop spinning our wheels and really start growing.

It took a long time and over $250,000 in testing (in high end training courses, coaching, real-world testing)…

But what resulted was a system to consistently and AUTOMATICALLY massively scale our company.

And it was actually pretty simple!