Chris Curran – Trading The E-Minis Successfully for a Living


Chris Curran – Trading The E-Minis Successfully for a Living


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Chris Curran – Trading The E-Minis Successfully for a Living

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Chris Curran’s “Trading The E-Minis Successfully For A Living“ Trading Course

3 CD+1 PDF

Spend Over 15 Hours Learning To Trade Directly From Professional

E-Mini Trader Chris Curran

And Let Him Teach You His Best Trading Strategies!

Watch Chris Curran trade live (and profitably) over two consecutive days.

Participate in over 15 hours of in-depth and personal training directly from Chris.

Master Chris’ three core E-mini trading strategies as he drills you minute-by-minute—in real time.

Learn the special tactics Chris applies to trade successfully during orderly and chaotic markets.

A Personal Message From Chris Curran:

Dear Trader:

I would like to personally invite you to spend over 15 hours with me as I teach you how to apply the tools and strategies I have applied over the past decade and a half.

You will receive complete and personalized training in my new interactive E-mini training course on CD-ROM. Recently, I taught this course and traded live in front a small group of serious and dedicated traders via the Internet. Now, you can possess all of this knowledge and training in a convenient and easy-to-use format that you can learn from and review over and over again for the rest of your life.

Here is just some of the knowledge you will receive. These are strategies, tactics and tools that I have not previously taught in any training module or workshop until now:

How to achieve consistent results over consecutive days, weeks and months using my core strategy, the 3-Line Break Strategy.

How to set limits that increase the odds of ending the day profitably.

The best leading indicator for the S&P E-minis (hint: it’s on everybody’s computer, but hardly anybody knows about it).

How to accurately project the direction, momentum and trend of the next day’s early trading action using open interest and PREM/Program Trading Levels.

Proprietary tick patterns I use to be fully positioned in the highest probability trades while staying out of low probability trades.


How to avoid losing money by anticipating every conceivable glitch or chaotic event and take proper and decisive action when they happen.

How to always see 3-Line Break trade entries clearly and avoid getting roped into bad trades by Level II’s smoke and mirrors.

My stop tightening strategy…one of the most critical components of my success.

How to convert “bad trades” into breakeven or even profitable trades.

How to use intraday TRIN to reliably measure the strength of the current trend.