Carolyn Boroden – Introduction to Fibonacci Time and Price Analysis

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Author: Carolyn Boroden

Carolyn Boroden is a top-notch technical analyst, who specializes in advanced Fibonacci strategy, in addition to a published author. With over 30 years under Carolyn’s belt, she has helped countless traders grasp the concept of Fib (including John himself). The trading team at Simpler Trading, particularly including John, Henry, and Danielle intertwine Carolyn’s work on Fibonacci retracement, extension, and projection analysis into their own. She’s the go-to gal for everything Fib.

As she’s been in this industry for over several decades now, she first became interested in Fibonacci in Chicago in 1986. After learning Fibonacci from Robert Miner, she ventured to open her own website, of which John was a member. After gaining the title “Fibonacci Queen,” Carolyn came to work with Simpler Trading when John and Henry began the chatroom at Simpler Options.

Fibonacci Time and Price Analysis

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This 2 1/2 hour video covers all the same material taught in the live seminars minus the questions/answer time and the “practical” work where the student replicates the work with CB. The video also includes some live analysis besides past examples. After working with the video, you can complete your education with real time consulting sessions with Carolyn using HotComm or you can attend an ONLINE seminar.

Video Chapters:

Fibonacci Price Analysis

Symmetry-The Power Tool

Two-Step Patterns

Triggers and Indicators

Class Examples

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