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Author: Anissa Holmes

Anissa Holmes: You will learn and implement more in the next 4 months than what most dentists achieve in years. You will become a better leader, you will build a unique practice culture, and you will learn how to inspire your team to help you get results.
The Delivering WOW Business Acceleration Bootcamp is a group coaching mastermind to fast track the profitability of your practice.

Business Acceleration Bootcamp

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Being a part of the Delivering WOW Business Bootcamp will fast track your success and teach you how to double your profits and
create a life of FREEDOM.

“Get all of the training, tools, and support to grow your practice!”
“Words can not describe how much I have changed my attitude towards my life and business since I met you.”

I have been on a journey the last 4 years since my daugher’s birth. I am trying to achieve my life balance aso I can do what I love (my dentistry) without sacrificing my family life. What you have given me is the roadmap to achieve what I want. Since I started the bootcamp, I have had the best month in the last 22 years of practice, but what is most remarkable is that it was the shortet month I have ever worked. Also, I had the best day in my career the month before, doing 5 times my daily goal. My team is loving the direction and communication. I love how honest, approachable and available you are. Thank you so much for everything you do every day.


1: Vision, Mission Core Values: setting your goals and getting your TEAM on board to grow the practice
2: Creating Your 90 Day Plan
3: Profit and Time Mastery: reverse engineering production goals and creating a solid strategy so everyone knows what to do
4: Systems and KPI’s: choose and create the systems that matter most
5: Money Mastery: How to set your fees and put in systems for predictable PROFIT
6: Verbal skills training to get your patients to say YES!
7: Intro to IDS
8: Setting up strategic partnerships

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