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Take your Calendars trading to the next level with Bruce’s Triple Play Strategy Elite Package of Simpler Trading

When the market conditions deteriorate, options provide investors a valuable tool. Although some investors are just referring to the phrase options, various alternatives are available to minimize risk of market volatility. Calendar spreads are one method which may be applied in every market scenario. This is also a good way to combine the advantages of propagation with directional trading in one position. Depending on the way an investor executes that approach, he or she may adopt a market-neutral position that may be rolled out multiple times to pay the cost of spread while enjoying the advantage of time decline. In any event, the transaction can bring many advantages a simple phone or call cannot offer.

Bruce’s Triple Play Strategy Elite Package of Simpler Trading teaches you the fundamentals and concepts of trading Calendars. This course will dig deeper into the Triple Play Strategy, describing precise trade ideas and illustrating how to implement the strategy step by step. The course begins by explaining the fundamental concepts and then deconstructs a trade piece by piece before reconstructing it in a live trading session. The following are the primary strategies you will learn from Bruce’s Triple Play Strategy Elite Package:

  • Strategy #1: Monthly Single Income Calendar
  • Strategy #2: The Weekly Double Calendar 
  • Strategy #3: The Advanced Calendars 
  • Strategy #4: The Hedging Strategy 
  • Strategy #5: The Deeper Downside Hedging Strategy
  • And other concepts that greatly benefit your trading.

There is a ton of knowledge and information covered in this Bruce’s Triple Play Strategy Elite Package, which will help you in your trading of these strategies. If you can be confident in your set up, your trading plan, and your trade management, your trading and profit will greatly improve. For those who are looking to enhance Calendars trading skills and solidify their foundation about this market, Bruce’s Triple Play Strategy Elite Package of Simpler Trading will be a good fit. 


About Simpler Trading: The most engaged online trading education platform in industry

Trading with realistic ideas is one of the most competitive features at Simpler Trading, an online teaching platform that delivers practical knowledge in real time, with real money, and in a realistic environment. This is a comprehensive resource library that contains a large number of world-class online trading courses and indicators that will substantially improve your trading talents and propel you to a higher level of success. A wide range of Simpler Trading free resources is also available, including daily films that cover future trading insights, Fibonacci and options, as well as daily emails that provide guidance on various trading styles and approaches. In addition to online classes, Simpler Trading has an extensive network of experienced traders who can assist you with personal mentorship and business opportunities in the volatile financial markets, among other things.


A brief introduction of your trainer Bruce Marshall

Bruce Marshall

Bruce Marshall is a senior manager of options and income trading who works tirelessly to assist other persons in their own businesses. It’s a fortune that Simpler Trading has him on their trading team because he’s been in charge of both institutional and retail accounts for quite some time now. Aside from the Chatroom choices, which he co-founded, Bruce Marshall also uses the Bruce Income Accumulation System, which he himself developed. If you are interested in increasing your risk/reward ratio but do not have the time to devote to chart watching, Bruce Marshall may be a good candidate to be your mentor. As his business grows and matures, he will routinely engage in a variety of different types of transactions. Bruce, on the other hand, is the best person to study if you want to learn more about the Greeks.

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