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The course Broken Wing Butterflies in a High Vol with Directional Fly by Sheridan Options Mentoring teaches you the powerful trading strategies from experts.

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Introducing the course Broken Wing Butterflies in a High Vol with Directional Fly by Sheridan Options Mentoring

Dan Sheridan has been teaching risk management techniques for many years, which he learned while working at the Chicago Board Options Exchange in Pits. Broken Wing Butterflies in a High Volume with Directional Fly is a three-week live teaching program scheduled for 2021 in which Dan and Mark will discuss one of Sheridan’s long-standing methods, the Broken Wing Butterfly.

Broken Wing Butterflies are often referred to as Skip Strike Butterflies. Broken Wing Butterflies is similar to a butterfly method in that the spread sold is often wider than the spread gained. This is a long Butterfly wing with long strikes that are not equidistant from the short strike, which indicates that the OTM wing at the furthest point is more adjusted. The wider side is referred to as the fractured side, which gives this method its name. A Broken Wing Butterfly is a long butterfly that does not alternate between short and longer strikes. As a consequence of the increased risk on one side, trading becomes somewhat more directional than with a conventional long spread of butterflies. This sort of instruction was never delivered in a high-volatility atmosphere. The Broken Wing Butterflies in a High Volatility with Directional Fly trading course includes video recordings of live trades for educational purposes, and Dan will follow each live trade with a subsequent session to address risk management and modifications.


Get to know your instructor Mark Fenton 

As a senior mentor, Mark Fenton works one-on-one with customers, instructs group seminars, and develops trading strategies and programs. He has been actively engaged in the trading of stocks, futures, commodities, and options in his capacity as a retail trader for more than 18 years now. Mark formerly had a number of licenses, including series 7 and series 66, among others. Tradesmen who can keep to a plan while also regulating their emotions and impulses, which may be damaging to their trading, are among Mark’s specialties.


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Sheridan Options Mentoring is a pioneer in the area of personal decision-making education and support. Sheridan Mentoring was founded and is led by Dan Sheridan. He has over 30 years of expertise and understanding in international trading. Dan is an accomplished CBOE market maker who formerly worked for Jon and Pete Najarian’s Mercury Trading company. During Mercury, Dan trained the majority of CNBC’s traders, including Pete Najarian, one of the network’s current anchors. In 2004, Dan left the pits and launched Sheridan Options Mentoring. He is currently teaching individual traders the strategies and methods that are routinely utilized in the options markets. Dan also educates retail and professional traders through a number of other methods, including the following: Dan is a well-known TDAmeritrade Network member. He has been featured on CBOE.com and is a regular presenter at instructional webinars for InteractiveBrokers and a number of other brokerage businesses.

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