Bettertraderacademy – Breakout Strategies Masterclass Advanced Swing Strategies

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Breakout Strategies Masterclass Advanced Swing Strategies

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Breakout Strategies Masterclass Advanced Swing Strategies

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So, why is that important?

  • In some markets it can be difficult to build intraday strategies. The markets don’t have enough movement during the day to overcome transaction costs and slippage,
  • Some traders aren’t interested in daytrading strategies and want to take trades that last longer, perhaps a few days to a few weeks,
  • Or some traders prefer strategies that have a larger AvgTrade than intraday strategies often provide,
  • And of course, trading different types of strategies can be great for diversification too.

Here’s what you’ll discover in the workshop:

  • The structure of swing strategies and key differences you need to master to speed up your success building swing strategies,
  • The 3 types of stop-losses you’ll need for swing strategies, including the one we use the most and the stop-loss type you need to be careful of,
  • 4 different exit types, which ones we use and how stacking the exits into combinations can provide great results,
  • A proprietary exit technique that guarantees a favourable risk to reward ratio,
  • The advanced trade management technique that can dramatically increase the efficiency of swing trades,
  • An alternative exit technique that can reduce risk and increase performance, and works especially well with indexes,
  • Why you need to normalise optimization ranges for stop losses and the simple trick to doing that effectively,
  • How to safely reduce the number of optimization iterations when you have too many,
  • Plus much more, including Smart Code explanation, Tradestation walkthrough, examples, screenshots and some awesome bonuses!

You also get access to these 6 exclusive bonuses…

The Advanced SWING Smart Code builds on the Breakout Masterclass Smart Code, but includes a number of additional functions specific to building Swing strategies.


  • #1: Advanced Swing Smart Code
  • #2: Live Q&A Coaching Call
  • #3: Swing Strategy 1 – Emini Dow Jones (YM)
  • #4: Swing Strategy 2 – Natural Gas (NG)
  • #5: Swing Strategy 3 – Gold (GC)
  • #6: Swing Strategy 4 – Emini S&P 500 (ES)
  • Bonus #7 – Swing Strategy 5 – Soybeans (S)
  • Bonus #8: Advanced Swing Smart Code
  • Lesson #9: D&P Utility for BOS Tool

About Author: Bettertraderacademy

Meet the algorithmic trading specialists behind Better Trader Academy:

Andrew Swanscott
Andrew has 13 years of trading experience, and after trying almost every trading style known to man in his early trading career, he now focuses on Mean Reversion trading. And also the host of the Better System Trader podcast – the only podcast dedicated to systematic trading.
Tomas Nesnidal
Tomas has been a full-time trader for over 11 years and now specialises in Breakout strategies and Market Internals.
He originally comes from the Czech Republic but currently lives in a beautiful resort right by the beach in Costa Del Sol, Spain.
In 2017, Tomas launched his own Hedge Fund specializing in breakout trading techniques.

Advanced Swing Strategies 111

Advanced Swing Strategies 111