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Author: Bob Mangat

Bob Mangat is a Realtor, Best Selling Author & Elite Business Growth Strategist. Bob has created his own thriving Agency that makes 7 figures net worth a year and has over 15 years of experience optimizing business systems for growth. He has been featured on Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, and The Miami Herald.

7 Figure Agency

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17+ Years

Architecting ADVANCED

Business Growth Systems.

I build you as an authority in your market.

Your patients trust you, and

your competition becomes irrelevant

2 Time #1 Best Selling

Author and 2 time

Two-Comma Club

Award Winner.

90% of business consultants are self-proclaimed “experts” or even so called “certified” coaches, but look closer and you’ll find they don’t have the real-world experience of successfully creating and building multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses from scratch.

Bob Mangat not only has proven himself capable of doing so, but has an indisputable track record of quickly and effectively working with over 1500+ small business owners sharing with them the EXACT same strategies, techniques, and tools that he’s used in his businesses resulting in accelerated growth (doubling, tripling, or even 10x-ing their net profits within 12 months in most cases).*

If you’re serious about transforming your business and want to be Bob’s next success story, click the button below to book a complimentary consultation – it costs you nothing, and if you don’t feel like it was worth your time, Bob will personally donate $1,000 to a charity of your choice. How’s that for a No B.S. Guarantee!

Bob Mangat

You can’t learn what

I’ve gone through

in a weekend course

“You can’t learn what I’ve gone through in a weekend course.” Experience is the best teacher and I’ve gone through every scenario possible. From growing several brands from scratch, with ZERO funding, loans or outside help, managing multi-million dollar marketing campaigns that involve TV, radio, print and digital, to real estate acquisitions and more. From building an empire to losing it all and building it all up again. This is why I love entrepreneurship. To me it’s about the game, never about the money. I enjoy playing it every day and it never feels like work. That’s when you know you’ve done something right.

Today he spends most of his time coaching his kids soccer, traveling, and consulting for some of the top medical companies in the world.

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