Bluewavetrading – BWT Precision Autotrader Indicators & BWT Bar Types for NT7


Bluewavetrading - BWT Precision Autotrader Indicators & BWT Bar Types for NT7


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Welcome to BlueWaveTrading
Blue Wave Trading (BWT) specializes in algorithmic trading, 100% automated trading, automated trading systems, and automated trading software. Blue Wave Trading has been developing algorithmic and automated trading systems since 1997 and has become the premier developer of automated strategies in the trading industry. Our software is available in NinjaTrader™, Tradestation™ and eSignal platforms

BWT Precision Autotrader & BWT Bar Types

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NinjaTrader Strategies

NinjaTrader BWT Precision AutoTrader – Automated Trading System

The NinjaTrader Strategy BWT Precision Autotrader 7 a feature rich state of the art 100% automated trading strategy, created as a result of thousands of hours of market observation and screen time with a universal algorithm that can work on any market as well as different bartypes, allowing fully automatic and interactive realtime trading – high or low frequency trading and may trade as a scalp, day trade or swing trade strategy.

NinjaTrader BWT Precision Autotrader

Includes the BWT Precision Indicator Pack and BWT NinjaTrader Bars

Includes minimum 1 hour Mentoring, Support with trader, system designer & BWT developer Randy Sarrow

BWT NinjaTrader Trading Systems – Please click here to view pricing and purchasing details for all BWT NinjaTrader trading systems

Includes workspaces, templates and settings