Better Trader Academy – Dynamic Position Sizing for Advanced Traders


Better Trader Academy – Dynamic Position Sizing for Advanced Traders


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Better Trader Academy – Dynamic Position Sizing for Advanced Traders

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Dynamic position sizing by better trader academy is a novel course designed to provide systematic trading teachings for every trader to achieve risk-free trading by learning adaptive trading strategies. According to the famous trader Jennie, the trading success and money-making depend upon the identification of the right position size of the trade; if the proper risks about position sizes are not achieved, the failures occurred. Thus, this course is specially designed to teach dynamic position sizes, position analysis, risk management, trade realization, adaptive strategies, capital management, sensitivity analysis, equity curve of strategy, trading psychology, ranking criteria in dynamic position sizing and other exciting trading skills to the traders of every level.

Key highlights

  • Learn the adaptive trading strategies in this specially designed course
  • We provide excellent trading tips by keeping the balance between the traditional Larry’s concepts and other advanced strategies.
  • Learn how to provide profitable position sizes to the trade.
  • We help traders to strengthen their mental strength to achieve good results by learning proper trade risk management, trade strategy optimization and the foundations of trading psychology.

What will you achieve by Dynamic Position Sizing for Advanced Traders course by the Better Trader Academy?

The course provides tri-fold benefits to their achievers as:

1.   Through the core concepts of Dynamic Position Sizing by Better Trader Academy, the trader will achieve the sound profits on their trading decisions.

2.   This course provides ample opportunities to become a day trader, swing trader and become a super trade psychologist.

With the help of equated risks, capital management strategies and advanced trading strategies, traders will get the desired results.

What you will learn?

The course is designed systematically to provide sound conceptual and practical knowledge for all traders either skilful or learners. Here you will learn these modules:

1.   Foundations of trading system design and validation.

2.   Larry’s Connor concepts for trade planning.

3.   General concepts of dynamic position sizing in trading.

4.   Dynamic risk management for shortlisting positions.

5.   Capital management and its role in position sizing.

6.   Concepts of adaptive trading strategies that includes trading indicators such as buy indicator, simulation indicator, and strategy indicator to learn the adaptive market behaviour in the small amount of time.

7.   Core principles of adaptive parameter tuning to predict the future outcomes of the trading for the executive assessment of the dynamic sizing.

8.   Sensitivity analysis for dynamic sizing.

9.   Equity curve of strategy that includes the concepts of moving average strategy, calibrating strategies and strategy re-optimization.

10. Concepts of large and small scale dynamic sizing.

11. Volatility concepts in dynamic position sizing.

12. Ranking criteria to select the right dynamic position size for your trade.

13. Brief Concepts of trading psychology and realization.