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Author: Ben Cummings,Traian Turcu

Also called online marketing, internet marketing is the process of promoting a business or brand and its products or services over the internet using tools that help drive traffic, leads, and sales.

Internet marketing a pretty broad term that encompasses a range of marketing tactics and strategies – including content, email, search, paid media, and more.

These days, though, internet marketing is often used interchangeably with “content marketing.”


Because content marketing is the internet marketing of the present and future.

Live Masterclass 2019

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Bonus #2 The Holy Grail Ranking Secret

You will also get The Holy Grail Ranking Secret. Imagine if there was a way to rank a new product to page #1 and position #1… with no giveaways. But let’s go one better: They don’t even have to buy the product!
You’ve heard me say many times: If you’re ranked all the way back on page 3, you might as well be ranked on page 300, because you’re not going to sell anything. You either get good at ranking, or you’ll always struggle in this business.
Traian has discovered a critical piece of information having to do with the way Amazon ranks. This secret gets his products ranked to page 1 & position 1.

Bonus #3 Amazon Suggest STUFFER

When customers go to Amazon and begin searching for products to buy, Amazon will “suggest” various products. A large number of people DO click on these suggestions, which is exactly why Amazon does this.
“We have some products where you type the main keyword and all five of the top suggestions all contain our brand.” – Traian Turcu
This doesn’t happen by accident. He will show you where you can spend just $30, and it gets your product stuffed into all these Amazon Suggests boxes. This is valuable free traffic. Like dominating all of Park Place on the Monopoly board. They might think, “oh this is the most popular brand, let’s buy it.” That’s how the Impulse buyers mind operates – and you win!

Bonus #4 Review Ninja

Traian told me that the #1 thing he used to struggle with, was getting reviews: Good reviews, legit reviews, and an ongoing steady stream of high quality reviews. We know that the social proof of reviews makes a huge difference on sales.
That all changed when he invented his Review Ninja System. He has never discussed this anywhere before, and considers it one of his biggest secret weapons.

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