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Author: Ben Cummings

Ben Cummings is a seven-figure eCommerce seller and life-long entrepreneur. Unlike other trainers who only run businesses in their nightmares, Ben is in the trenches each and every day (like you!), slugging it out in the marketplace, and finding success that places him in the top 1% of sellers in the world.
Out of demand to find out how Ben was pulling off his unusual successes on the world’s largest eCommerce site, he reluctantly launched his flagship eCommerce coaching called “Fast Track Coaching.” Out of this exclusive program, have emerged dozens of seven figure FBA sellers, and thousands of students who now earn excellent full-time livings through private labeling physical products.

Search Find Buy

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Who Are the Creators of Search.Find.Buy?

It’s created by Ben Cummings and Jason Fladlien from Rapidcrush. I met Ben about 4 years ago at the live event. My first impression of him was so unforgettable that I still remember it to this day. He was speaking at a closed-door Amazon training held by Rapidcrush.

During the session, Ben asked for a volunteer from the audience to come on the stage. He asked the lady to draw something on a piece of paper, without showing him what she drew. A few seconds later, he was able to predict exactly what she had drawn without looking at her drawing!

Everybody’s jaw just dropped to the floor!

Was it magic? No, the only thing he was using was his own intuition!


Ever since then, the more Ben denies his special talent, the more convinced I become that he has some kind of super power. He has an amazing sense of intuition that normal people like you and I don’t possess…

This is the very reason why I believe his Amazon business is so successful. He understands how Amazon works. As a matter of fact, he always tells us to give Amazon what IT wants, and Amazon will reward us with its ranking and sales. His products have always been #1 in his category over the years. Sure, some can get lucky and get the #1 position on Amazon sometimes, but you hardly see any products that consistently keep the #1 position over many years. Ben has that uncanny ability.

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