Battle Tested SPX 15-Day Calendar On-Demand Short Course – Sheridan Options Mentoring

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The strategy taught in Battle Tested SPX 15-Day Calendar On-Demand Short Course by Sheridan Options Mentoring will empower you to trade more confidently.

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$30.00 $247.00

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Take your weekly income to the next level with Battle Tested SPX 15-Day Calendar On-Demand Short Course by Sheridan Options Mentoring

This is a video series that will be available on demand and will cover numerous popular and profitable choice methods. The 15-Day SPX Calendar is the subject of this video course, which has been a very effective weekly revenue method in the Sheridan Options Mentoring group for the last 3-5 years, according to the instructors. This video digs even further into the complexities of this very effective technique. This transaction’s risk management and modification options, as well as its greeks, are all addressed in great length. Overall, the Battle Tested SPX 15-Day Calendar On-Demand Short Courses ultimate goal is for you to become an expert in the 15-Day SPX Calendar trade after completing it.

Topics covered in this Sheridan Options Mentoring’s training program – Battle Tested SPX 15-Day Calendar On-Demand Short Course

  • What is Calendar trade and how do you make money with this strategy?
  • Greeks of the Calendar trade
  • SPX vs. SPY
  • Dynamics of the SPX 15-day calendar
  • Dynamics of a Thursday calendar
  • Expected move in probabilities of the trade
  • Width of the calendar: Calls or puts
  • Criteria whether to enter a calendar or not
  • Profit target
  • Setup of calendar
  • When to adjust on the upside/downside
  • Adjustment philosophy
  • Execution and exit strategies for this trade
  • Contract size and capital allocation
  • Six month 15 day SPX calendar plan moving forward
  • And much more.

Know more about your instructor Dan Sheridan

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Dan Sheridan, the founder of Sheridan Options Mentoring has over 25 years of experience trading options and educating traders in nations all over the world. He brings years of experience as a market maker to the CBOE, having previously worked for Jon and Pete Najarian’s tremendously successful speciality trading company, Mercury Trading. Dan was in charge of training the vast majority of Mercury’s traders, including Pete Najarian, about the stock market. When Dan Sheridan decided to move away from the pits in 2004, he founded Sheridan Options Mentoring. The techniques and approaches he employs on a daily basis in order to win regularly in the options markets are now being shared with individual traders by him. Dan also provides professional and retail traders with training via a number of various settings, which include the following: The CBOE and many brokers often hire him to do educational webinars. He also hosts his own television show, Sheridan TV, which airs weekly on the company’s website, www.SheridanTV.com, and is available on demand.


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Individuals who are interested in stock option trading might benefit from the services of Sheridan Options Mentoring, which offers tailored teaching and guidance. Live trading teaching is combined with individual mentoring sessions with Dan Sheridan, the company’s founder and a 25-year pit veteran. This one-of-a-kind training experience is not to be missed. Additionally, students get access to hundreds of archived sessions with Dan and other mentors on a range of topics, such as weekly schedules, butterflies, and long-term objectives.

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