Basecamptrading – Explosive Growth Options & Stocks (EGOS) Program ( EGOS MINI BUNDLE )

$94.00 $997.00

Explosive Growth Options & Stocks (EGOS) Program ( EGOS MINI BUNDLE )

$94.00 $997.00

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Base Camp Trading was created so that people like you, who aren’t professional Wall Street traders and who don’t have millions of dollars to gamble with, can easily learn to trade, the right way, so you can enjoy consistent profits.

Explosive Growth Options & Stocks (EGOS) Program ( EGOS MINI BUNDLE )

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  • Live Workshop. Thomas will teach this course live on December 30th at 6pm ET (recording will be provided if you can’t attend live).
  • EGOS Scanner. Let this tool do the heavy lifting for you. Automatically scan for prime EGOS opportunities. Available on TradeStation and thinkorswim.
  • Explosive Gains. ​The key to explosive moves is when technical and fundamentals align. Discover what to focus on in each of these areas if you want big moves.
  • Four Rules. ​Why you must always wait for the setup to trigger! Just because it LOOKS good, does not mean it will actually signal the entry. This is so important! I’ll show you the four rules for every EGOS trade.

What People Say…

“I can promise you that you will benefit from working with these people. They trade what they teach and regardless of your level of expertise my bet is that they will help you.”

Greg F, California

Changing the Lives Of Traders

Join the 129,467 traders who are learning from Base Camp Trading to develop a solid foundation in trading so you can trade safely and responsibly.