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Author: Barry Burns

Barry Burns is trader, a business owner, a podcaster, and runs the very popular He’s the author of Trend Trading for Dummies. He runs a popular YouTube channel and a podcast also called Top Dog Trading. He holds a doctorate in hypnotherapy.

Trading Patterns for Producing Huge Profits

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I’m a businessman who has owned several small companies. My business background taught me to focus on the bottom line, so my study of the financial markets was for one purpose only: to make profits.

I started my study of the markets under the direction of my late father, Patrick F. Burns, who accumulated 70 years of trading experience in his lifetime.

In addition, I hired three professional traders to mentor me personally, and even went to Chicago to work with a former floor trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

All of this research and study resulted in insights which eventually led to the development of my own Top Dog Trading methodology.

A outline of my trading contributions:

  • Featured as a case study in the book “Using Candlestick Charting: How To Earn High Rates of Return – Safely” by Alan Northcott (Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc., 2009).
  • Won a First Runner Up Readers Choice Award for “Technical Anaysis Web Sites” by Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine.
  • Developed a 5 Day Course for WorldWideTraders.
  • Headlining speaker at DayTradersUSA.
  • Headlining speaker for the Market Analysts of Southern California.
  • Given seminars around the country at many Wealth Expos and Traders Expos.
  • Interviewed on the Robin Dayne “Elite Masters of Trading” Radio Show.
  • Interviewed on
  • Published many articles for various outlets including eSignal Central.
  • The former lead moderator of FuturesTalk chat room guiding listeners through the open and close of each trading day.
  • Currently one of the featured Experts at Trader Kingdom.

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