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Take options trading domination with Tricktrades in BOSS Swing

BOSS Swing is an online trading course created by Pat Mitchell from Tricktrades to walk you through the entire process he uses to trade swing options for massive profits. It works as the 1-2 punch with BOSS Carbon for complete options trading domination. During this class you will learn how to scan for potential stocks. Remember that there’s certain criteria that you need to look for to guarantee that there’s a swing play possible. Once you find the stocks, now it’s time to use the proper indicators. Only a few right ones that you need to use for swinging options will be shown here.

Pat Mitchell also teaches you how to set up your charts for ultimate success in this BOSS Swing training. You will look over his shoulder and see exactly how he set up his charts and trading platform for swing trading. The course also enables you to learn how to set proper risk/reward. One important thing is that these trades are completely different from a day trade so it’s crucial that you set the proper wiggle room. Find out what strikes and expiries you need to take is also a part of this course, followed by the proper mentality it takes to hold these options for days/weeks.

Most importantly, BOSS Swing empowers you to learn how to calm your nerves and have confidence holding these swings, as well as discover what to look for to properly enter and exit a trade to potentially make over 100% on your money. If you don’t know how to do this crucial step, you’re almost guaranteed to fail, and Pat Mitchell won’t let this happen in this Tricktrades online course.

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Tricktrades offers several services to both new and experienced day traders. To give their two major tiers of service, they offer these two packages: Guidance Program, which is the first, and Mentorship Program, which is the second. The Guidance Program as it is known consists of daily market insight, with real-time education and Live screen share, followed by screen sharing with clients, an automated financial analysis scanner called Savage Scans, a daily video list, and in-depth trade recap videos, with access to an extensive huge video library. The Mentorship Program offers extra services, similar to the previous one. You also have access to a large Mentoring Video Library, along with weekly live classes, and exclusive direct messaging from Tricktrades.

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