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Master trading SPY options with BOSS Sniper from Tricktrades

BOSS Sniper is an over 3-hour pure 1-on-1 coaching program designed by Tricktrades to walk you through the entire process of SPY options trading for massive gains. It works in perfect harmony with the BOSS Carbon. In this course, Pat Mitchell is going to teach you precise order placement based on SPY price action with absolute clear direction on when to get in and out a trade. You then learn how to pick strike prices, which are very different from other options and you will always have confidence knowing you picked the right strike.

Besides, you will discover the in’s and out’s of the SPY’s daily movements through the BOSS Sniper course. Once you learn this particular movement, it’ll be almost 100% predictable. Next, since the SPY can move pretty fast, this training will give you a solid risk strategy so you’ll never blow up another account. Pat Mitchell also teaches you how to set proper risk. This is numerous different from other stocks and it may prevent you from taking other dirty losses.

Additionally, BOSS Sniper from Tricktrades enables you to know how to piece off winners and when to let a small piece ride for the huge gains. You will establish the habit of always locking in profits at the precise time. You then discover the secret go-to trades from Pat Mitchell that will allow you to make big gains in a short time. The proper psychology to trade the SPY, which is so different from any other options, is also included in this trading course, allowing you to find out why most traders fail trading it. Last but not least, you will explore how to use very specific setups that are only meant for SPY and only covered in this BOSS Sniper.

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Pat Mitchell founded the Tricktrades firm in order to provide a variety of unique instructional services that were suited to his trading style and developed as a result of his own day trading blunders. Having worked as an oilfield pipeline welder for many years, he decided to start his own firm after retiring from that profession. He has described his previous job as “backbreaking”. Their major focus as a firm is on trading education, which they provide to traders of all skill levels. Tricktrades fee-for-service instructional seminars comprise the majority of what they have to offer, and they sell their educational trading materials through their web store as well. The two major levels of charge for services that they provide are included inside two programs, the first of which is called Guidance and the second of which is called Mentorship.

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